AffiliSuite Bonus And Evaluation

Thank you for taking a look at my AffiliSuite review. The aim of all of my reviews is to provide you with the most important details about the product so that you can decide whether you want to purchase it or not. So please read all of this short review as I have used this product and have some interesting things to say about it.

What is AffiliSuite?

AffiliSuite is a special product bundle for the holiday season from Kurt Chrisler that launches on December 26,2020 at 10am EST. Here you will get 6 great affiliate site building WordPress plugins for the price of one plugin.

Creating new affiliate websites to promote products from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, CJ and Ali Baba is not easy. It can take hours if not days to get the website setup. You then have to add new products and content to the site to keep your visitors happy and the search engines to get high rankings for keywords.

Well you do not have to go through this pain anymore because AffiliSuite takes care of all the site setup and adding of products and content for you. In this special bundle for the holidays, you are getting 6 excellent products which were all bestsellers when sold separately, for a really low price. That price is the cost of just one plugin.

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AffiliSuite provides you with everything that you need to get your affiliate marketing business up and running fast so that you can start to make good commissions on a regular basis. No longer will you have to spend tons of your precious time setting up websites and maintaining them.

Here are the 6 products included in the AffiliSuite holiday bundle:

  1. AffiliBuilder – You can use this plugin to create done for you websites that all include content, related images and videos
  2. AffiliEcom – If you want to create an ecommerce store, you can do it in a few minutes with AffiliEcom
  3. AfilliReview – You want your review websites to provide good conversions for you so set them up using AffiliReview and your websites will have high converting elements included
  4. AffiliRocket – With this great plugin you can set up the WordPress sites that you want with a single mouse click
  5. AffiliCompare – Shoppers love comparison website to know that they are getting the best deal. So use AffiliCompare to give them what they want
  6. AffiliTube – Just click a couple of times and AffiliTube will create viral affiliate video websites for you

With this amazing suite of plugins, you can really give your commissions a kick-start in 2021. No hassles about site setup, adding products, adding content or anything else. It is all done for you with AffiliSuite in no time at all.

Features of the Products in AffiliSuite

There are so many features available with these 6 products, so I will provide you with a summary of the best features of each:

  • AffilBuilder – It only takes a few minutes for AffiliBuilder to create a total affiliate website for you. You can choose from over 10,000 articles and nearly 2 million images. AffiliBuilder will automatically monetize your website as well.
  • AffiliEcom – Imagine having your own fully stocked ecommerce store in only a few minutes. Well with AffiliEcom this is possible. There are 5 marketplaces that you can use to provide an unlimited number of products in your store. This plugin adds new content automatically which includes videos and images.
  • AffiliReview – Create stunning review websites that can include β€œtop pick” product boxes, product review boxes for high conversions, rating bars, feature boxes and price comparisons. AffiliReview sets all this up for you in minutes.
  • AffiliRocket – WordPress is a great website building platform but there are always a lot of boring tasks involved such as adding new posts, adding new content and images, adding affiliate products and so on. AffiliRocket does all of this for you.
  • AffiliCompare – You will ove the way this plugin can create comparison tables for high conversions so quickly. Use the easy to use drag-and-drop editor and promote any affiliate offers that you want.
  • AffiliTube – People love videos and you can create video websites that go viral with AffiliTube really fast. The plugin will add videos for you automatically and you can monetize every video with any affiliate offer you wish.

Getting all of these powerful WordPress affiliate plugins for the price of one is a complete no brainer. Even if you only use 2 or 3 of these plugins you will have saved yourself a lot of money. Use them all and you will see your commissions skyrocket.

AffiliSuite FAQ

Q. Does AffiliSuite have any upgrades?

A. Yes, there are 3 excellent upgrades for your affiliate marketing business:

Upgrade 1: AffiliSuite Professional – here you will unlock all of the limitations with the front-end versions of all 6 of the products. This is available for a onetime price of $47

Upgrade 2: AffiliSuite Develop License – for a small onetime fee you can have a development license for all 6 products. Get it for $37.

Upgrade 3: Hosting with iMarketers – this is a fully fledged hosting packages where you will get help setting up your websites. The cost of this is either $39 or $59 each year.

Q. Do you need any special skills to setup affiliate websites with AffiliSuite?

A. Not at all. Anyone can use these great plugins to setup the websites that they want very fast.

Q. Are there any monthly fees with AffiliSuite?

A. No, the AffiliSuite bundle is available for a onetime price.

Q. Is there a guarantee with AffiliSuite?

A. Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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AffiliSuite Review Score

I have played around with all 6 of these WordPress plugins and I can tell you without hesitation that each one of them offers incredible features. It is totally amazing how fast you can setup affiliate websites that work with these plugins. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the AffiliSuite bundle now to save money, time, and make great commissions.



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