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Thanks for checking out my honest Creaite review. Here you will find my honest opinion on this product and how I believe it can help you with your online business. I provide details of all of the most important features and benefits and also answer the most common questions about the product. After reading this review you will be able to make the right purchase decision.

What is Creaite?

Creaite is a new software product from Joshua Zamora and Kyle Colyer that launches on March 2, 2021 at 11am EST. It is a cloud-based application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create content that is readable for major niches in less than a minute.

The creators claim that Creaite is the first of its kind and that an AI content creator like this has never appeared before. I am not sure how true that statement is but it certainly produces impressive results.

Everyone knows that they need high-quality content to succeed with online marketing. The problem is that most online business owners see writing good content as a chore because it takes a lot of time and effort. They know that there are quality writers out there that can do the work for them but they tend to be expensive.

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So, imagine how incredible it would be if you could use a cloud-based application that will produce content that is perfectly readable and unique is under a minute. This would go a long way to solving all of your content creation headaches, right?

The quality and the quantity of the content you can produce will help you to gain the trust of your audience and the major search engines like Google. Duplicating content published by others is not a good idea and can land you in a lot of trouble. Google and the other searches also view duplicate content in a very bad light.

This means that you have to invest your time and effort, or your money, in the creation of high-quality content that is unique. With Creaite you have an artificial intelligence application that can create perfectly readable content which is unique very fast for you. If you had the Creaite application how many times would you use it?

You would probably use it all of the time because you know how important publishing top quality, unique content is to your target audience and your search engine rankings. Well the Creaite application is here so prepare to save a great deal of time, effort and money producing great content that is completely unique.

How to use Creaite

It really is very easy to use Creaite to produce content that is unique and perfectly readable. These are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Login to your Creaite dashboard
  2. Choose your article type
  3. Select a niche and the relevant sub-niche from the major niche list
  4. Tell Creaite which folder you want the article saved to on your device
  5. Write a single sentence as a β€œstarting prompt” for the AI software to write your article
  6. Click the β€œStart” button to create your unique article in around 60 seconds
  7. Rinse and repeat

As you can see you do not require any special writing skills to produce good articles with Creaite. You can use a sentence from a similar article already published as your starting prompt and then you can re-write it afterwards to ensure your content is totally unique.

Features of Creaite

Creaite has all of the features that you need to produce content that is perfectly readable and completely unique:

  • Major niches included with hundreds of popular sub-niches
  • You can create unique articles on the most popular topics
  • Artificial intelligence software takes your starting prompt to create an article that answers a specific question
  • Save your newly created articles wherever you want
  • Create as many perfectly readable and unique articles as you need
  • No writing skills required
  • No outsourcing to expensive writers
  • Cloud-based application you can access using your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Readers will not be able to tell the difference between content written by a human and content created by Creaite
  • Full money back guarantee

This is your chance to say goodbye to your content writing headaches forever. When you have Creaite you will never need to spend your precious time writing or have to pay a professional writer for your content.

Creaite FAQ

Q. Does Creaite have any valuable upgrades?

A. Yes, there are 4 valuable upgrades that will provide you with even more content writing power:

Upgrade 1: Creaite Plus – with this upgrade you will get heavily discounted credits for creating more articles as well as bonus credits every month. There will be 5 to 10 new writing niches added to your Creaite application each month as well. You can take advantage of this upgrade for $1 initially and then $37 per month

Upgrade 2: Creaite Booster – here you will be able to create your articles in another 11 major languages for wider distribution of your content. You will also get a powerful question and answer writing feature and the hyperwriter which can create up to 5 articles at once for you. The cost of this upgrade is a onetime price of $34.95

Upgrade 3: Creaite Connect – this upgrade is a WordPress plugin that enables you to publish your Creaite content directly to your WP sites. It is an unlimited site license so you can connect as many of WP sites as you want. You can get this for the onetime price of $34.95

Upgrade 4: Creaite Whitelabel – with this upgrade you can brand Creaite as your own by adding your logo, your domain and your company name and description to all the Creaite components. You can get this upgrade for the onetime price of $34.95

Please note that the costs of these upgrades may increase over time.

Q. Do you need any writing skills to get the best results from Creaite?

A. No, just tell the application what you want your article to be about and it will do all of the work for you

Q. Can you access Creaite using a tablet or smartphone?

A. Yes, it is cloud-based so you can use a computer, tablet or smartphone to access Creaite

Q. Is there a guarantee with Creaite?

A. Yes, there is a full money back guarantee

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Creaite Review Score

I was able to obtain review access for Creaite and I played around with the application for some time. My writing skills are far from perfect so it was incredible for me to see perfectly readable content created automatically in a few seconds. If you do not have the time to write your own content or do not want to pay a professional writer to do this then Creaite is for you.



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