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In today’s article… I will introduce you to your Facebook Messenger’s best friend!  It will be hard to work with messenger without this hereafter.

Here’s my opinion of Pepper which is a Google Chrome extension designed to automate your Facebook marketing. I have been using Pepper for a while now, so I wanted to tell you what I thought about this very useful product.

What is Pepper?

Do you use Facebook to find new clients for your business? If you do then this could be a very interesting app for you. The way that Facebook is organized makes it pretty laborious to identify potential clients, send out friend requests and respond in the correct way when they accept your request.

Most people will do this manually which is time consuming and often things will slip through the cracks unless you have a good system in place (such as sticky notes) to keep track of where you are with each lead.

There are a lot of applications for Facebook out there that claim that they can automate almost anything but I have found that these fall short in a couple of areas:

  1. You run the risk of sending red flags to Facebook and having your account suspended or even banned
  2. These apps never complete the whole job for you – I have yet to find a Facebook app that did everything that I wanted until now

Although a Facebook application will probably let you set activity limits, there is always the danger that you will make a mistake with this and the app will create a level of activity that will prompt Facebook to respond in a negative way. Can you imagine losing your Facebook profile? It is just unthinkable!

With Pepper, it doesn’t matter what you do it will never exceed transaction limits. This is built into the application and you can’t change it. Sometimes you just need protection from yourself.

The other frustrating thing I have found with the various Facebook apps available is that they only perform part of the overall task. You then have to look for another app that will do something else that you want to achieve and of course the two apps won’t talk to each other.

Pepper does everything that you need to organically find your prospects and help turn them into potential clients. It will save you a lot of time performing unnecessary manual tasks so that you can focus on the calls that will convert your prospects into clients.


Features of the Pepper Chrome Extension

The aim of the Pepper Chrome extension is to automate manual tasks that you need to perform when you are looking for new clients on Facebook. The features include:

  • Use keywords that you define to identify potential clients located within Facebook Groups automatically. It checks the bios of the people to increase the accuracy of identification
  • Once Pepper has identified your prospects, it will automatically send them a friend request
  • When a prospect accepts your friend request Pepper will send them a welcome message, which includes their first name that you compose automatically
  • You can configure tags within Pepper to act as a CRM so that it is easy for you to monitor the status of all of your leads and ensure that you do not overlook anything
  • There is a canned response feature where you can add responses designed to entice your prospects to book a call with you or whatever action you want them to take

You can really increase your productivity with the Pepper Chrome extension. It will ensure that you never lose a prospect again because it automates all of the essential tasks for you. Pepper is your highly efficient cyber assistant.

Pepper Chrome Extension FAQ

Q. What are the different pricing plans with Pepper?

A. There are three plans that you can take advantage of to automate your client prospecting in Facebook:

Pepper: this is the standard offering which will automate the identification of your prospects from Facebook Groups and send them a friend request on your behalf. When a prospect accepts your friend request Pepper will send them a welcome message automatically which you configure.

The standard Pepper app is available for $97 per month

Pepper Plus: you get all of the features of the standard Pepper app plus the ability to use it as your Messenger CRM. You define specific tags and color-code them so that you can keep track of where your prospects are in your funnel.

Pepper Plus is available for $149 per month

Pepper Infinity: here you get all the features of Pepper Plus and the Canned Response feature, which enables you to manage multiple Messenger conversations at once. This will save you a huge amount of time and lead to more of your prospects taking the action that you want.

There is also a Broadcast Message facility with the Infinity version of Pepper. You can send out broadcast messages to your existing friends and lists of friends that you can create. Use this to book sales calls for example.

Finally, with Pepper Infinity you can remove friends in bulk. You only want to keep the friends that engage with you so use this feature to eliminate the rest.

Pepper Infinity is available for $249 per month

Q. Is there any software to install?

A. No, it is an extension for the Google Chrome browser so you don’t need to download any software and install anything.

Q. Will my Facebook profile be safe?

A. Yes, it will. Pepper works “under the radar” and does not appear like a bot to Facebook. It will never make friend requests at a high level or do anything else to send a red flag to Facebook.

Q. Is there a minimum sign up period?

A. No, you just continue month to month and you can cancel at any time.


Pepper Chrome Extension Review Score

I use the Pepper Chrome extension in my business and find that it is invaluable. It saves me so much time compared to the manual process that I used to use to identify and communicate with prospects. If you use Facebook to find clients then you will never regret using Pepper to make it all much easier for you.





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