iMarketer My Honest Opinion!

In this iMarketer review, I will explain what the product is, what features it has and how it will benefit you. I have added an FAQ section as well to answer the most frequently asked questions about the product.

What is iMarketer?

iMarketer is a new product from Dan Green that launched on December 15, 2020 at 11am EST. Green claims that the product is an “all in one” marketing platform that is fully automated. It has all of the features that you need to make money online on autopilot.

The main idea with iMarketer is that you can build a website automatically using unique content. Google loves websites that publish unique content regularly and will reward them with high rankings in the search results.

With iMarketer there is no web hosting to worry about as they host everything. It is very easy to create a niche website with iMarketer and then you just choose a YouTube channel that contains videos related to the niche and iMarketer will turn these videos into unique, text-based, posts.

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iMarketer removes all of the usual headaches that come with creating a niche website. You need web hosting and a WordPress installation. Then you need to use the right theme and customize your website design as you want it. If you want unique content for your website you will have to spend time writing it yourself or paying a writer to do it.

This all takes a great deal of time and effort (and usually money). Once you have everything in place you will want to monetize your website. You will need to add affiliate links or Adsense code to your pages.

The money is in the list so you want to capture as many leads as possible from the visitors your website receives. This normally entails using an autoresponder service, which is another monthly cost. iMarketer has a built in autoresponder where you can create your own opt in forms and collect leads. You can send emails to your leads too.

iMarketer creates great looking websites. There are many customization options and you can upload your own logo and header image if you want. You can also add those important pages that Google loves to see (and visitors) like “about us”, “contact us”, “terms and conditions”, “privacy”, “affiliate disclaimer” and so on. You can add your own domain name too.

Not having to write and publish unique content every day is a huge benefit. iMarketer does all of this for you and more. You can have a website up and running in a matter of minutes that would take several hours to do using conventional methods. iMarketer really is an automated “all in one” application.

How to use iMarketer

It is really very easy to use iMarketer to set up your new website. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your iMarketer account
  • Decide on a name for your website
  • Choose any niche that you want
  • Decide on a subdomain for your website – this generates the URL
  • If you want to use your own domain name, add this in the settings for your website
  • Click to create your website
  • Find a YouTube channel that has many videos related to your niche and enter the URL in iMarketer
  • Decide on your monetization methods – Adsense, Clickbank etc
  • Sit back and let iMarketer automatically create unique posts for you

As you can see, it is really easy to set up a new website with iMarketer. Even if you spent an hour doing this it would save you a huge amount of time over conventional website setup methods. And with all of the other features it just makes so much sense.

Features of iMarketer

With this iMarketer review, we want you to be aware of the best features of the product. These include:

  • Setup a great looking website in just a few minutes with no skills or experience necessary
  • No hosting fees as your website is hosted with iMarketer as part of the deal
  • Easy monetization with Adsense or Clickbank. Just enter a couple of details and your website is monetized
  • Built in autoresponder for list building and email marketing – no monthly fees
  • Automated unique content from YouTube video transcriptions
  • WYSIWYG editor to add your own content such as legal pages and edit the content iMarketer posts if you want to

All of these features provided my iMarketer will save you a lot of time, effort and money. It is a very easy way to launch an attractive website that has all the right elements to rank in Google for free traffic.

iMarketer FAQ

Q. Does iMarketer have any upgrades?

A. Yes, there are 6 upgrades that can assist you to make even more money online:

Upgrade 1: iMarketer Professional – with this upgrade you remove all of the limitations with the front-end product so you can create unlimited websites, rank them faster in Google and increase your profits. This is for a onetime price of $47.

Upgrade 2: iMarketer Easy Amazon Profits – here you will receive many done for you reviews of Amazon products every week. This is available for $27 per month.

Upgrade 3: iMarketer DFY – let the iMarketer team do everything for you including choosing the best sources of content, making it all unique and setting everything up for you. This has a onetime price of $197.

Upgrade 4: iMarketer Elite – this is a special program from Byte Marketer where you will learn everything that you need to know to succeed with online marketing. It is available for a onetime price of $67.

Upgrade 5: iMarketer Agency – sell the iMarketer package to others and keep 100% of the revenue. This is for a onetime price of $197.

Upgrade 6: iMarketer White Label – here you can brand the iMarketer software as your own and sell it wherever you like. This is available at a onetime price of $297.

Q. Does iMarketer have a guarantee?

A. Yes, iMarketer comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Q. Do you have to install any updates?

A. No, these are all taken care of automatically.

Q. Can you use iMarketer on a mobile device?

A. Yes, it is cloud-based so you can use any device to access it.

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iMarketer Review Score

Dan Green provided me with review access to iMarketer and I was able to create a great looking niche website in just a few minutes. I went through all of the features of this product and it offers a great deal for a low onetime price. I would highly recommend iMarketer.



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