InstaDrive Bonuses And Evaluation

Thank you for reading my InstaDrive review. I will explain what InstaDrive is, how it can help you and the most important features that it has so you can make the right purchase decision. I have also given the InstaDrive product a review score, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

What is InstaDrive?

InstaDrive is a new product from Uddhab Pramanik, Akshat Gupta and Ankita Vishwakarma that launches on January 2, 2021 at 10am EST. It is a cloud based storage app that enables you to backup, host and store your files automatically and securely. Unlike other cloud storage solutions, InstaDrive is available at a onetime price so there are no monthly fees to pay.

With InstaDrive you can store any data that you want without limits. You can back up your documents, videos, images, presentations and more. It is essential that you perform regular backups, as you never know what can happen. Hard drives can fail and you can end up losing all of your important data.

If you have audio and video files stored in your InstaDrive account then you can play them from your dashboard. Do you sell products to customers? If you do, you can store everything for them to download after purchasing in your InstaDrive account. In addition, if you are working on a project for a customer you can deliver it fast using InstaDrive.

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When you store your files in your InstaDrive account, they will be totally secure. There is support for numerous file formats so you can literally store any type of file. You can easily preview any file that you have stored with InstaDrive by using the handy thumbnail feature.

Anyone can use InstaDrive to their advantage. You don’t need any previous experience of using cloud storage. There is a commercial license with InstaDrive so you can store files for clients if you want to. You can also share your files with others using a secure method.

If you are someone that uses Google Photo Storage then there is some bad news for you – this is going to end in June 2021. Maybe you are paying for cloud storage from Microsoft, Google, iCloud, Dropbox or one of the other big vendors. Well you can cancel these monthly payments for cloud storage and replace this with an InstaDrive account for a onetime fee.

You owe it to yourself and your online business to keep all of your essential data safe. What would you do if you experienced a hard drive crash and lost everything? It doesn’t bear thinking about does it? InstaDrive is the answer – backup all of your essential files for a onetime price.

How to use InstaDrive

Anybody can use an InstaDrive account. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your InstaDrive account
  2. Select the files on your computer that you want to backup and drag and drop them into InstaDrive
  3. Access any of your files from your dashboard wherever you are in the world
  4. Share your files with others that need to see them – you have full control over who has access
  5. Rinse and repeat

It is really very easy to store your files securely with InstaDrive. Just drag and drop from your computer into your InstaDrive account. Accessing your files is easy as well. If you want to share files then you are in control of who can see them.

Features of InstaDrive

There are some great features with InstaDrive including:

  • Easily backup your essential files with drag and drop
  • Each file has its own link that you can share using password protection
  • You control when a shared link will expire
  • You get 250 GB of storage space
  • Thumbnail feature for file previewing
  • No restrictions on bandwidth, views or files
  • Built in video and audio player
  • Automatically backs up your files
  • High levels of security with end-to-end encryption
  • You can access your InstaDrive account using any device
  • Developer license so you can use InstaDrive for product delivery and so on
  • Commercial license so you can host files for your customers
  • Responsive support team

The features that you get with InstaDrive are incredible when you think that it is available for a low onetime price. If you need cloud storage then InstaDrive is something that you should seriously consider as it has everything that you need.

InstaDrive FAQ

Q. Does InstaDrive have any upgrades?

A. Yes, four upgrades that will all help you with your online business:

Upgrade 1: Unlimited InstaDrive – here they remove the limitations of the front-end version so that everything is unlimited for you. There are some additional features too. This is for a onetime price of $27

Upgrade 2: Enterprise InstaDrive – with this upgrade you get all-in-one marketing power. You can easily share your files on social media and you get the full analytics suite. This is for a onetime price of $37

Upgrade 3: Reseller InstaDrive – you can promote InstaDrive to others and keep all of the profits. Get this for a onetime price of $97

Upgrade 4: Done For You – here you get 5 readymade products that you can sell for a onetime price of $29

Q. Can you use InstaDrive with any device?

A. Yes, it is cloud-based so you can use a computer, smartphone or tablet device.

Q. Is it easy to use InstaDrive?

A. Yes it is. Just drag and drop your important files into InstaDrive.

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InstaDrive Review Score

The creators of InstaDrive provided me with review access to the product. I found it so easy to upload files from my computer to the cloud storage. The thumbnail feature where you can preview your products is very useful. I also liked the file sharing feature – it was easy to do and works very well. This much cloud storage for such a low price is a no-brainer.



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