MailPanda Review

What is MailPanda?

MailPanda is a new product from Daniel Adetunji that will launch on December 16, 2020 at 10am EST. It is a fully featured email application based in the cloud, which enables you to send emails to an unlimited amount of subscribers.

With MailPanda you are in full control of your email marketing. You can manage all of your email lists from your dashboard and it has the following useful features:

  • List subscribers
  • List segments
  • List forms
  • List pages
  • Custom fields

The list segmentation feature is very useful. You can use it to break up a large list into several smaller ones. It is also possible for you to synchronize with existing lists for example. It is essential that you have your subscriber lists just how you want them for the most effective email marketing.

If you have emails on any lists that you want to blacklist then you can easily achieve this with MailPanda. To create great looking landing pages there is an easy to use drag and drop editor. You can start with a blank canvas and design your own page if you want, or you can use one of the awesome done for you templates.

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MailPanda has all of the features that an autoresponder service has that you would pay a monthly fee for. You can set up as many autoresponder campaigns as you want and there is a broadcast feature, which allows you to send a single message out to the subscribers that you want.

You can associate your own domains with email lists. This means that the emails you send appear to have come from your domain name. If you want to connect other external apps to MailPanda, you can create your own API keys to do this. For example, you may want to automatically create campaigns or add new subscribers for example.

Any SMTP service will work seamlessly with MailPanda for the sending of your emails. You can certainly use any of the following:

  • MailGun
  • LeaderSend
  • Mandrill
  • DynEmail
  • SendGrid
  • SparkPost
  • Amazon SES

You can also use the PHP β€œmail” functionality through your web host.

All autoresponder services these days such as Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact and the others require you to pay expensive monthly fees. The more subscribers you have, the more that you have to pay every month. MailPanda provides the same functionality without the monthly fees.

The delivery rate of emails to the inbox is high with MailPanda. Having no restrictions on the number of subscribers and the number of autoresponder campaigns is a big plus. Using MailPanda should save you a lot of money with your email marketing.

How to use MailPanda

It is very easy to use MailPanda; you do not require any previous experience with autoresponders. Just follow these steps:

  • Login to your MailPanda account
  • Create an email opt in form using the supplied templates or upload your existing contacts to MailPanda
  • Choose the SMTP service you want to use and connect this to MailPanda
  • Set up autoresponder campaigns or send broadcast emails to your subscribers
  • You can send the emails immediately or schedule them for later

There are some great looking, high converting templates included with MailPanda that you can edit very quickly for your own campaigns. MailPanda provides incredible value for a low onetime price. Stop paying monthly autoresponder fees now.

Features of MailPanda

MailPanda has a whole host of features that will help you succeed with email marketing including:

  • High deliverability to the inbox
  • Import lists of unlimited size
  • Readymade high converting templates
  • No restrictions on the amount of emails you can send
  • Full email marketing analytics
  • Unlimited autoresponder setup
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Single or double optin
  • Spam score check
  • GDPR compliant
  • Add any media to your emails
  • Video tutorials

With all of these features and more it is crazy to pay a high monthly fee to autoresponder service providers. MailPanda does it all and you only pay a low onetime fee for it.

MailPanda FAQ

Q. What upgrades are available with MailPanda?

A. Yes, there are 7 upgrades that you can use to make even more profits with MailPanda:

Upgrade 1: MailPanda Unlimited – there are a few limitations with the front-end version and you can completely unlock everything for a onetime price of $37

Upgrade 2: MailPanda DFY – this is a done for you package which has everything setup for you to start profiting immediately. Get this for a onetime price of $197

Upgrade 3: MailPanda Enterprise – if you are a business that needs a lot of extra power then this is the upgrade you need for a onetime price of $47

Upgrade 4: MailPanda DFY Agency Blogs – you can grab this for a onetime price of $67

Upgrade 5: MailPanda Platinum Traffic – take your traffic levels to new heights with this upgrade for a onetime price of $67

Upgrade 6: MailPanda Agency and Reseller – here you can resell MailPanda, keep all of the profits, and provide agency services to your clients as well. This is a onetime price of $197

Upgrade 7: MailPanda Whitelabel – this is available for a onetime price of $297

Q. Can you import a subscriber list of any size into MailPanda?

A. Yes, there is no limit to the amount of subscribers you can import into MailPanda

Q. Is it easy to use MailPanda?

A. Yes, it is and there are some excellent step-by-step video tutorials to help you as well.

Q. Can you connect most of the well-known SMTP services to MailPanda?

A. Yes, it is very easy for you to connect the majority of SMTP services to MailPanda

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MailPanda Review Score

I have review access to MailPanda and I really liked the look and feel of this email application. There are a number of other cloud-based email apps available but a lot of them are pretty clunky to use. MailPanda was great to use.

There are so many features available with MailPanda. I pay a small fortune each month for autoresponder services and now I want to switch to MailPanda. What is the point of paying expensive monthly fees when you can have all of the features for a low onetime price?



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