My Honest Opinion About VideoMan

Welcome to my honest VideoMan review. Please read all of this short review as you will discover all of the most important information that you need to make the right purchase decision. I want you to have all of the essential facts about VideoMan and how it can help you with your online business.

What is VideoMan?

VideoMan is a new product from Jai Sharma that launches on February 18, 2021 at 11am EST. It is an advanced video marketing platform that you can use for video hosting. VideoMan features advanced transcoding technology that enable anyone to get the best results from this product.

What can you do with VideoMan? Well, you can host the videos of your clients for whatever price you want. You do not require any technical skills to do this and there is no steep learning curve involved. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience with videos or not.

This video hosting solution enables you to provide the best viewing experience and all of the videos are lightning-fast to load. There are a number of customization options that you can use to present your hosted videos just as you want them.

You can create your own videos from within VideoMan or you can drag and drop existing videos, audio tracks and images to the timeline. With VideoMan you can join videos together as well as trim videos and much more.

If you need media for your videos then you will have access to a vast library of videos, background music and images that are all copyright free. Find any media that you need with a single click. It is very easy to share any videos that you create fast just as you can with services that charge a monthly fee.

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You can create a human sounding voiceover for your videos with the advanced AI text to speech feature. There is a thumbnail design function in VideoMan too where you can create enticing thumbnails for your videos.

Videos are a powerful engagement tool that convert a lot higher than text-based media. People just prefer to watch videos these days. You know it and your clients know it. But high-quality video hosting solutions involve monthly payments. With VideoMan you can offer to host videos for your clients at your price.

Yes, you can host videos on YouTube, but there are endless issues with this such as the inability to add a call to action (CTA) button, ads appearing on your videos, no customization options, enticing viewers to watch other videos rather than yours and more.

With VideoMan you are in total control of all of your videos whether they are yours or for your clients. You can customize them however you want and add CTA buttons so the viewer takes the action that you want. There are no monthly fees with VideoMan.

How to use VideoMan

You do not need any previous experience with videos or any technical skills to get the most out of VideoMan. It is just a matter of following these simple steps:

  1. Login to your VideoMan dashboard
  2. Create your video or upload an existing video with the easy to use drag and drop functionality
  3. Choose from the many customization options including changing the play bar, the video skin, the mode, speed and volume controls, add your subtitles and more
  4. Publish your video in HD with a single click
  5. Rinse and repeat

Anyone can use VideoMan to provide great looking videos that run at lightening speeds with the super-fast hosting. The money-making potential here is almost endless.

Features of VideoMan

There are some first-class features with VideoMan that include:

  • Next-generation video hosting technology
  • 20 GB of storage space
  • Add as many as 20,000 videos
  • Import videos from Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive and more
  • Videos stream lightning-fast
  • Videos fully customizable for the best viewing experience
  • Full video editing features where you can join and trim videos, add images and audio and so much more
  • Access to the media library where you can find copyright free videos, background music and images for your videos
  • Human sounding text-to-speech AI technology for voiceovers
  • Create enticing thumbnails with the built-in thumbnail editor
  • No monthly fees like other video hosting services charge
  • Ideal for sales videos, video ads, testimonial videos, product demonstration videos and more
  • Analytics on views
  • Cloud-based so you can access VideoMan using a computer, smartphone or tablet device
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee

You can become a video marketing expert instantly when you use the power of VideoMan. All of the essential features are there for you to succeed.

VideoMan FAQ

Q. Does VideoMan come with any upgrades?

A. Yes, there are 4 useful upgrades to take your online business to the next level:

Upgrade 1:  VideoMan Professional – here you get even more advanced features to customize your videos and the ability to add various CTA features such as clickable buttons, images, text, social sharing and more. This is available at a onetime price of $97

Upgrade 2: List Building & Monetization with VideoMan – with this upgrade you can add opt in forms for list building inside your videos. There is full integration with the major autoresponder services such as Get Response and Aweber. You can overlay ads on your videos to make money and more for a onetime price of $97

Upgrade 3: VideoMan Professional Analytics – get the full analytics suite with this upgrade so that you can monitor the performance of all of your videos. You get many different features here for the onetime price of $97

Upgrade 4: Agency VideoMan – with this upgrade you can provide up to 300 client accounts and you have up to 2 TB of storage. You can create invoices for clients and have your own video marketing agency for the onetime price of $499

Q. Do you require any video editing skills to get the best results from VideoMan?

A. No, anyone can achieve great results with VideoMan with no special skills or experience

Q. Is there a guarantee with VideoMan?

A. Yes, there is a 30 day full money back guarantee

Q. Can you use VideoMan on a mobile device?

A. Yes, it is a cloud-based application so you can use a computer, smartphone or tablet to access it

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VideoMan Review Score

The creator provided me with review access to VideoMan. I have done a little bit of video editing before and I am certainly no export. It was very easy to add a video and then customize it how I wanted it. The copyright free library is great and there are tons of videos, images and music clips. I created my video in 10 minutes and it was so fast. I highly recommend VideoMan.



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