Quotely V2 Review

What is Quotely V2?

Quotely V2 is a product by Deni Iskandar. It is the updated version of the very successful Quotely social media graphics packaged launched earlier in 2020. With Quotely V2, you get 400 done for you motivational and inspirational β€œQuote Posters” that you can use on your social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram.

These quote posters are very eye-catching and drive high levels of engagement from social media users. People like to see these inspirational quotes and they always get a good reaction. The 400 DFY quote posters are a good mix of famous quotes that usually go viral, inspirational quotes and motivational quotes.

You will find that the quote posters within Quotely V2 are very well designed and are all about grabbing attention. Use them for your own business or on behalf of your clients to drive up engagement levels. You get a commercial license with Quotely V2 as part of the deal.

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It would take you a long time to create your own quote posters like this and a small fortune to outsource to a graphic artist. For an insanely low price, you can have 400 attention grabbing quote posters ready to use on your favorite social media platforms. This is a complete no-brainer.

When you drive up engagement levels on social media with these stunning quote posters you can generate more traffic to your website and offers. They are ideal for generating interest and a β€œmust have” for effective social media marketing campaigns. You can customize these quote posters to add a URL, logo or any kind of branding.

You will always be confident that when you post one of the high quality, attention grabbing, quote posters that many people will share them. This will get the word around about your business very fast. These quote posters will make others stop in their tracks and reflect. Then they will want to be the first to share them with their friends!

The Features of Quotely V2

There are some excellent features with Quotely V2:

  • You get 400 done for you powerful quote poster images that are sure to grab attention when you post them to social media
  • All of the quote posters are high quality and in JPG format so they are ready to go
  • Each quote poster is 1200 x 1200 pixels which is the optimimal size for all of your social media accounts
  • You get all of the source files for the quote posters. These are in PowerPoint format so that you can customize the images to include your URL, your name, your logo – whatever you want. If you don’t have MS PowerPoint you can edit free using Google Slides

Quotely V2 Review Score

I have the Quotely V2 package and I tested some of the quote posters on my own social media profiles and got an amazing reaction. People thanked me for posting the quotes and shared them many times. It was so easy to customize the quote posters to add the details that I wanted.

There are so many possibilities with the Quotely V2 quote posters. You can use them to draw attention to an affiliate marketing campaign you are running. If you have clients, use the quote posters to draw attention to their business.

It is so easy to customize your quote posters and then post them to social media for great results.

Features – 9.7

Quality – 9.6

Ease of use – 9

Support – 8.8

Quotely V2 FAQ

Q. Are there any upgrades with Quotely V2?

A. Yes, there are two upgrades available that are worthy of consideration to provide you with an even bigger advantage with your marketing:

Upgrade 1: Quotely V2 Platinum – with the platinum upgrade you get more than 600 done for you quote posters. All of the fonts used to create the quote posters are included and you can edit each quote poster PowerPoint file to customize it with your branding. This is available for a one-time cost of $47.

Upgrade 2: Pixeler Graphics Bundle – this is a bestselling graphics bundle at a 75% reduced price. With this bundle, you get more than 21,000 stunning graphics and video assets that you can use to enhance your marketing. This is available for a one-time cost of $67.

Q. Can you post these quote posters on different social platforms?

A. Yes, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Be sure to add them on your website as well and even use them in videos.

Q. How easy is it to customize the quote posters?

A. It is very easy to customize the quote posters. You will receive a PowerPoint file for each quote poster and you can open these using MS PowerPoint or Google Slides to add your URL, logo, name or whatever you want. Then turn them into a jpg image and you can post on social media immediately.

Q. Is there a commercial license with Quotely V2?

A. Yes, there is a commercial license included with Quotely V2. This means that you can use the quote posters for marketing your own business and for your clients as well. Think of the possibilities here.

Q. Are the quote poster images optimized for social media?

A. Yes, they are all 1200 x 1200 pixels so they are ready for immediate posting on all social media platforms.

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