Simplicitee Honest Review

Welcome to my honest Simplicitee review. Here I will provide you with all of the essential details that you need to decide whether the product is right for you. I will explain what Simplicitee is and how it will help you with your online business. You will also learn about the most important features of the product.

What is Simplicitee?

Simplicitee is a new product from James Fawcett and Mark Barrett that launches on February 7, 2021 at 9am EST. This product will help you to build a responsive email list and earn commissions from and

This is an application that you can use to create β€œmoney pages” fast and earn commissions from them using free traffic. You can leverage the power of social media to get the word out about your offers and add leads to your email list and generate commissions.

Setting up high converting campaigns for social media takes a great deal of time and effort if you do this from scratch. There is a lot of manual work involved and it takes a lot of time. You do not know if your campaign will be successful if you do it all yourself.

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With the Simplicitee tool you do not have to do any of this manual work. Just login to the tool and it will do all of the work for you. There is an easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create high converting landing pages that will generate leads and sales for you.

Once you have your pages setup using Simplicitee it is then time to use the largest social media platforms to get free traffic. The creators recommend using Facebook and Instagram for the best results. There are a number of tools within Simplicitee that will help you to get more eyeballs on your offer pages and encourage social media users to take the action that you want.

You get a powerful Facebook Messenger bot inside of Simplicitee, as well as tools for auto-commenting on Facebook and a great tool for automatically replying to Facebook comments. You can use this tool to make private replies to comments as well. When you are using Instagram there is an auto comment reply feature in Simplicitee as well.

So you can easily create enticing and high converting landing pages and then use the social media tools within Simplicitee for traffic, leads and sales on autopilot. This is a high quality application that will help you to build your email list and make commissions too.

How to use Simplicitee

The creators of Simplicitee have made it very easy to use for everyone. You do not need any previous experience or technical skills to get the most out of the application. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Simplicitee dashboard
  2. Start a new campaign
  3. Create your landing pages using the drag and drop builder
  4. Add your autoresponder details and affiliate link
  5. Use the social media tools for higher engagement
  6. Rinse and repeat

It really is so very easy to use Simplicitee for good results. There are high quality training videos which explain everything in simple terms.

Features of Simplicitee

Simplicitee has some excellent features that will help you to easily create campaigns for list building and making commissions including:

  • Built in easy to use drag and drop page creator to create high converting landing pages fast
  • Powerful Facebook Messenger bot to drive higher levels of engagement
  • Automatic Facebook commenting tool
  • Tool for automatically replying to Facebook comments
  • Reply to Instagram comments automatically
  • Full step-by-step training videos that will have you up and running with Simplicitee very quickly

These features in Simplicitee help you to create your landing pages and get them out there fast without any of the usual hard work and time-consuming effort.

Simplicitee FAQ

Q. Does Simplicitee have any useful upgrades?

A. Yes, there are 6 useful upgrades that you can take advantage of and take your online business to the next level:

Upgrade 1: Simplicitee Professional – here you will get all of the features of Simplicitee completely unlimited. The front-end product has some limitations that this removes. There are additional features too such as auto RSS posting, auto retargeting and more than 20 social media accounts. This is available for a onetime price of $37

Upgrade 2: Auto Simplicitee – with this upgrade you can automatically schedule posts to your website. You get auto suggestions for keywords as well as Google Analytics integration. This will save a lot of time and is available for a onetime price of $97

Upgrade 3: Explorer for Simplicitee – here you will be able to identify ads that have high conversions and discover other useful information to significantly boost your campaigns on Facebook. With the Explorer you can find trending Instagram hashtags and so much more. This is available for a onetime price of $67

Upgrade 4: Unlimited Traffic Simplicitee – this upgrade has a simple aim which is to turbo charge the amount of traffic that you drive to your offers. You can get it for a onetime price of $197

Upgrade 5: Inner Circle Group for Simplicitee – this is an online marketing mastermind group where you will learn the tips and tricks that the creators use to boost their commissions. It is available for a onetime price of $67

Upgrade 6: Simplicitee Agency – with the agency rights you can sell services to your clients using Simplicitee for any fees that you want. You can get this upgrade for a onetime price of $197

Q. Do you need any technical skills to get the best results from Simplicitee?

A. No, it is so easy to use that anyone can get great results with Simplicitee

Q. Are there any monthly fees with Simplicitee?

A. If you buy Simplicitee during the launch then you will avoid any future monthly fees

Q. Is there a guarantee with Simplicitee?

A. Yes, there is a 30 day full money back guarantee

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Simplicitee Review Score

I have used many of the products launched by James Fawcett and Mark Barrett and found them all to be very high quality. When I was provided with review access to Simplicitee I saw that this was another high-quality product. Everything is so intuitive inside Simplicitee and I was able to create great landing pages very fast. I can see the social media tools being very effective.



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