SmartVideo Evolution Review And Bonuses

Thanks for taking a look at my honest SmartVideo Evolution review. In this short review I will provide you with all of the most important details that you require to make the best purchase decision. You will be in no doubt as to whether this product is right for you. I will cover all of the main benefits of acquiring this product.

What is SmartVideo Evolution?

SmartVideo Evolution is an enhancement to an already successful product from Dean Gilmore and Simon Warner which launches on February 25, 2021 at 3pm EST. This product enables you to add personalization to your videos for increased engagement.

This is a cloud-based video creation and editing application that the creators claim will enable you to create videos that are worthy of winning Oscars. Well, I don’t know about that, but you can certainly do a lot to increase the engagement levels for your videos with SmartVideo Evolution.

You get a commercial license with SmartVideo Evolution so you can create awesome personalized videos for your clients and charge any price that you desire. With the built-in drag and drop editor it is easy for anyone to create high-quality personalized videos without any special skills or previous experience.

When you create personalized videos with SmartVideo Evolution you will really capture the attention of the viewer. You can personalize your videos using their first and last names, the city or state that they are located in and much more. When people see a video with their name in it they are definitely going to watch it!

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The creators of SmartVideo Evolution have completely revamped the media section so that you have more control and it will be easier for you to create engaging personalized videos. Creating voiceovers can be a time-consuming task but it is easy with SmartVideo Evolution thanks to the smart text to speech feature.

You get several different voices for personalized text to speech and there are a number of languages available. There is no branding on the video editor so you can create all of your videos using your own brand or the brand of your clients. It is easy to import videos, images and audio clips into SmartVideo Evolution and there is a great deal of customization available.

It is very easy to add professional looking animated transitions as well as animated calls to action (CTAs). Make your videos look really professional with the simple addition of lower thirds of your choice. You can select multiple video clips for inclusion in your personalized video and then add them to the timeline with a single click.

How to use SmartVideo Evolution

It is very easy to create personalized videos using SmartVideo Evolution. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your SmartVideo Evolution dashboard
  2. Select the media that you want to include in your video (video clips, images, music etc)
  3. Add personalization and customize your video how you want it
  4. Add voice over or use the built-in smart text to speech feature
  5. Finalize your video and download it
  6. Automatically distribute to major social sites
  7. Rinse and repeat

As you can see there is no requirement for any previous video editing experience or technical skills. Anyone can create engaging personalized videos with SmartVideo Evolution.

Features of SmartVideo Evolution

There are so many features available with SmartVideo Evolution. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Unbranded video editor
  • Smart text to speech with different voices and languages
  • Custom personalization of first and last name
  • Geo location personalization
  • Personalization using email
  • Personalization using Facebook
  • Personalization using images
  • Personalizer for opt ins
  • URL personalizer
  • Text personalizer
  • Media libraries including copyright free video clips, images and audio files (music etc)
  • Animate text
  • Animated transitions
  • Blending modes
  • Commercial license – make personalized videos for clients and charge them what you want

These are just some of the many features available with SmartVideo Evolution. You have the power to create the very best personalized videos with this application.

SmartVideo Evolution FAQ

Q. Are there any upgrades available with SmartVideo Evolution?

A. Yes, there are 3 upgrades that will help you to take your video creation and marketing to the next level:

Upgrade 1: Professional Version SmartVideo Evolution – with this upgrade you will receive new templates that you can use for your personalized videos all of the time. This will ensure that you have the right template available for every possible situation. This upgrade is available for $37 per month or $07 per year.

Upgrade 2: Agency Accelerator SmartVideo Evolution – some of the features of the front-end product are limited and you can lift all of these limitations through this upgrade. You will get more options for smart speech as well as more gimmie projects. This is available for the onetime price of $67.

Upgrade 3: Smart Mail SmartVideo Evolution – here you can combine your personalized videos with your email marketing for the maximum impact. This email application will enable you to take your email marketing to the next level. Get this upgrade for a onetime price of $197.

Q. Do you need any video editing experience to get the best results with SmartVideo Evolution?

A. No, with the drag and drop video editor you can create the highest quality personalized videos without any previous experience or special skills.

Q. Can you use SmartVideo Evolution with any device?

A. Yes, SmartVideo Evolution is a cloud-based application so you can use a computer, smartphone or tablet device to access it.

Q. Is there a guarantee with SmartVideo Evolution?

A. Yes, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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SmartVideo Evolution Review Score

I have very little experience in video creation and editing so when I was provided with review access to SmartVideo Evolution I was a little apprehensive. As soon as I started to use the application, I realized that my apprehension was unfounded. It was so easy to create the highest quality personalized videos with this app. If you want to take your video marketing to the next level then this is a must-have application.

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