Tagget Review

What is Tagget?

Tagget is a new product from Misan Morrison and Joshua Johnson that launches on December 9, 2020 at 11am EST. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) marketing platform with multiple channels and the first of its kind in the world.

When you purchase Tagget, you receive a 2 way AI telephone number which you can use for:

  • Calls
  • SMS messages
  • Emails
  • Stories
  • Interactive voice campaigns

You can use the Tagget platform to engage and interact with the visitors to your website, your leads and your customers. Tagget enables you to create funnels for lead capturing so that you can build a responsive email list. In addition, you can setup simultaneous SMS, interactive voice response and email campaigns automatically for your leads.

There is an auto-dialer, which can work on mass with your free AI phone number to initiate live calls and receive calls using your Tagget dashboard. You can add a feature to your website where your visitors can call directly to your cell phone, which avoids the need for them to find your number and copy it.

Tagget has a call flow function where you can direct the incoming calls you receive to specific actions or even agents. You can see who is calling you thanks to the caller identification feature in the Tagget dashboard.

When you receive voicemails, you have the option to transcribe these into email or SMS messages that go directly to your cell phone. There is a unique story widget included with Tagget where you can tell your brand story and the story of your products and services, which will appeal to your visitors and increase the chances of making sales.

If you want your website visitors to fill out a form or participate in a live poll you can do that too. You can also set up redirects to affiliate promotions or your offers. Do you want to run a mass broadcast about an offer? With Tagget, you can send broadcast messages on mass via SMS, Whatsapp and email.

Tagget will tell you the geographic location of your website visitors. This will help you to relate to them more easily. During the launch week for Tagget you will get an agency license as part of the deal which means you can use it for all of your client campaigns.

When you use Tagget it is like having a sales team working hard for you 24/7. It enables you to completely automate your marketing, which frees up your time to do the things that you want to do. Imagine the advantages that Tagget can bring to your business – there are endless possibilities with this app.

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How to use Tagget

It is really easy to use the Tagget app to automate your marketing. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Login to Tagget and configure your free AI telephone number that will enable you to communicate with your website visitors, customers and leads
  2. Setup your lead capture program so that you can build your list using emails and phone numbers
  3. Setup your simultaneous multi-channel campaign utilizing calls, SMS messages, emails, stories and interactive voicemail so that you can engage with your leads and convert them into customers
  4. Rinse and repeat these steps for your business or for your client’s unlimited times as you will have full agency rights if you purchase Tagget during the launch phase

Think of the possibilities here. You can establish your own agency selling broadcasting services using SMS messaging, email, voicemail drops, Whatsapp and more. It is essential that you have the agency license to do this which is included free during the one-week launch period.

The Features of Tagget

Tagget has a whole host of features that you can use to automate your marketing:

  • Free AI telephone number to use for your marketing campaigns
  • Lead capture page setup where you can add coupon codes, splash pages, countdown timers etc
  • Story widget for you to tell the story of your brand and products and services and direct your visitors to take a specific action such as make a purchase, complete a form, participate in a live poll and more
  • Automatic transcription of voicemail messages left by visitors into email or SMS format
  • Direct calls to your cell phone from your website
  • Event triggers
  • Call recording
  • Direct your visitors to specific actions or agents
  • Interact and engage with your visitors using email, SMS, Whatsapp etc
  • Broadcast telephone call facility
  • Caller ID and geographical location

Tagget FAQ

Q. Are there upgrades with Tagget?

A. Yes, there are 5 upgrades that can enhance the profitability of your business:

Upgrade 1: Tagget Deluxe – here you get a Zoom like videoconferencing system, 20 capture page templates, 2,000 credits for phone, email, SMS etc. and more for a one-time price of $67

Upgrade 2: Tagget Agency – here you get a DFY agency website that offers all Tagget features. There is also training on how to get clients for your agency for a one-time price pf $97

Upgrade 3: Tagget Profit Bootcamp for the one-time price of $67

Upgrade 4: the Tagget DFY Club for credit units and templates at $37 per month or $147 per year or a one-time price of $297

Upgrade 5: Tagget unlimited reseller and developer license for a one-time price of $497

Q. Can you use Tagget with any device?

A. Yes, it is web-based so you can use a computer, smartphone or tablet

Q. Do you have to purchase a telephone number?

A. No, you get a free AI telephone number included with Tagget

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Tagget Review Score

I was granted review access to Tagget and found it to be very easy to use and totally intuitive. I understood the power that this app provides immediately. Setting up lead capture pages and then campaigns for your visitors and leads is very straightforward.

Having an automated marketing system that works for you 24/7 provides you with a significant advantage. This unique application blew me away with its features and the endless possibilities it offers.



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