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Thank you for reading my honest The Wholesale Formula review. I want to provide you with all of the essential information that you need so that you can decide if The Wholesale Formula is right for you or not. So in this review I will provide you with full details of the product and the advantages of purchasing it.

What is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula is a tried and tested training program from Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors. Since launching the product in 2015, students of The Wholesale Formula have made more than $1 billion in sales on the Amazon platform. Many consider The Wholesale Formula to be the highest rated training program for selling through Amazon as it delivers results.

Creators Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors have been selling products on Amazon for more than 14 years and they have generated more than $30 million in product sales. They are experts in wholesaling which gives them a significant advantage in the marketplace.

The 6 step online training modules in The Wholesale Formula provide all of the knowledge that you need to successfully sell on Amazon using wholesaling. You do not require any experience to use the methods in The Wholesale Formula and you can be from anywhere in the world.

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In The Wholesale Formula training you will learn the β€œreverse sourcing wholesale” method which is a proven technique used by the product creators to be very successful with selling on Amazon. You will discover the 3 essential parts of the reverse sourcing wholesale method which are:

  1. Scouting – this enables you to identify products on Amazon that are already selling well
  2. Sourcing – here you will learn the right way to connect with the brand owners of the products
  3. Scaling – how you can systemize and expand all parts of your Amazon selling business

This reverse sourcing wholesale method is also used successfully by Amazon themselves as well as other successful companies like Walmart and Costco. You will also learn why wholesaling is the best sourcing method and the numerous advantages that it has over arbitrage and private label methods.

In the The Wholesale Formula the creators share all of their experience and knowledge with you so that you can apply what you learn and setup your own, very successful business on Amazon using wholesaling.

The Wholesale Formula Modules

There are 6 step-by-step training modules in The Wholesale Formula training program:

  1. Orientation – in this first module you will learn everything that you need to know about the reverse sourcing wholesale model successfully used by the creators and other successful online retailers such as Amazon themselves. This module also explains how to setup an Amazon seller account in the right way.
  2. Product Analysis – here you will learn how to perform analysis on Amazon products to identify potential successes. There are 10 videos that cover this as well as the importance of the β€œBuy Box”, ranking in Amazon, assessing competition and more.
  3. Scouting – in this third module, you will learn all about the scouting and sourcing methods that the creators apply in their Amazon selling business. You will discover how to use the Jungle Scout application successfully as well as Amazon filtering and leaf sourcing techniques.
  4. Value Propositions – this module is dedicated to teaching you how you can stand out from the crowd to ensure that brands approve you to sell their products. You will also learn how to correctly create your website, optimize all of your listings, use PPC effectively and more.
  5. Sourcing – in this module, the creators reveal the exact methods that they use to connect with brand owners. You will discover the right way to negotiate the lowest possible prices and how to open a wholesale account. Learn how to forecast sales accurately when placing orders to maximize your profits.
  6. Growth – this module is all about scaling your Amazon selling business using automation. You will learn the same methods for scaling that the creators used to scale their business to 7 figures and beyond.

There are a number of valuable bonuses included with The Wholesale Formula:

  • Wholesale Formula Facebook Group – here you can share strategies with other members of this private group and receive answers to all of your questions
  • Application discounts – make large savings on critical applications for your Amazon selling business such as Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout
  • Webinar replays – access more than 10 hours worth of webinar replays which share in-depth methods for sourcing, product analysis, scaling your business and more
  • VA Launchpad – this is a full training course on hiring and training virtual assistants to do all of the work for you so that you can successfully scale your Amazon selling business
  • Resources – get access to successful email templates you can use to contact wholesalers and brand owners. There are many other resources here such as checklists, spreadsheets, cheat sheets, calculators and more


The Wholesale Formula FAQ

Q. Does The Wholesale Formula really work?

A. Yes, the creators have more than 5,000 students of The Wholesale Formula and the training is regarded as one of the most respected courses about selling on Amazon

Q. Can you use The Wholesale Formula if you live outside of the United States?

A. Yes, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can sell products using The Wholesale Formula on

Q. Does selling products on Amazon still work?

A. Yes, Amazon is one of the few companies to grow as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their revenues keep increasing and you can share in this.

Q. Is there a guarantee with The Wholesale Formula?

A. Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

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The Wholesale Formula Review Score

I was fortunate enough to gain access to The Wholesale Formula training and I was extremely impressed with the quality of it. Everything is explained in detail and it all makes good sense. I have no doubt that anyone that uses the methods taught in The Wholesale Formula can create a very successful Amazon selling business.

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