Traffic Transformer Review

What is Traffic Transformer?

Traffic Transformer is a new product from Chris X, Rich Williams and Yves Kouyo that launches on December 16, 2020 at 9am EST. It is a cloud-based software application that will transform viral content and then monetize it and get traffic to it fast so that you can make commissions.

The creators of Traffic Transformer claimed that in their testing they were able to generate around $487 each day using the software. To use Traffic Transformer you do not need an email list, a website or have to create any content yourself.

The Traffic Transformer software finds content on the Web that is already viral. This content will already be receiving traffic. So the aim of this new app is to get you a percentage of the viral traffic so that you can pitch related affiliate products.

There are 5 monetization techniques built in to Traffic Transformer. So all you need to do is to use the software so that it can find other people’s viral content and then get visitor traffic for you and make affiliate commissions. You can use Traffic Transformer in any niche. Use it repeatedly for maximum commissions.

The alternative to using Traffic Transformer is to create your own viral content. Are you a good writer? How long will it take you to think of a viral topic and then write a long post about it? Then you have to get it ranked on the first page of Google for free traffic.

You will probably have to do a lot of link building to rank your page. In addition, you need to get your content out into the social world and use techniques to draw people towards it. Maybe you want to do email marketing so you will need to spend time, effort and money building a list. With Traffic Transformer, you don’t have to do any of these things.

Imagine the time you will save not having to create websites and write content. We are all busy, and when you have Traffic Transformer, you can just let the software do its thing while you get on with other stuff. You don’t need to buy any traffic either. Just “transform” other people’s viral content and profit.

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How to use Traffic Transformer

It is so easy to transform viral content with Traffic Transformer:

  • Login in to your Traffic Transformer account
  • Watch the training which shows you how to find the right viral content
  • Get the link to the content and then copy it into Traffic Transformer (there is a “Transform” button in the app you can use as well)
  • Choose the monetization options that you want (you get 3 for every campaign). You can promote products from JVZoo, Clickbank and WarriorPlus. Create an ecom store automatically and populate it with related products or you can send the traffic to any URL you want to
  • Rinse and repeat these steps for more traffic and commissions every day

Traffic Transformer could not be simpler to use. There are millions of viral content opportunities out there for you so the possibilities with this software are virtually endless.

Features of Traffic Transformer

Traffic Transformer has a lot of great features including:

  • The ability to transform other people’s viral content for driving traffic to your offers
  • Five monetization options
  • Huge amount of affiliate offers to promote
  • Promote digital and physical products
  • No software to install as it is cloud-based
  • Works with any device – computer, smartphone and tablet
  • There is a built in module for list building
  • Fully customizable to your preferences

Just think about the money-making possibilities with this app. No more creating websites and content and paying for traffic or trying to get your pages to rank in the search engines. Just find that viral content, chose your monetization options and sit back and let the commissions roll in.

Traffic Transformer FAQ

Q. Are there any upgrades with Traffic Transformer?

A. Yes, there are 5 upgrades you can take advantage of:

Upgrade 1: Unlimited Edition of Traffic Transformer – unlock all of the limitations in the front-end product for a onetime price of $29

Upgrade 2: Autopilot Traffic Transformer – get everything on autopilot for a onetime price of $39

Upgrade 3: DFY Traffic Transformer – if you want everything done for you have this for a onetime price of $197

Upgrade 4: Reseller Edition of Traffic Transformer – sell Traffic Transformer and keep all the profits for a onetime price of $197

Upgrade 5: MegaBundle Edition of Traffic Transformer for a onetime price of $97

Q. Do you have to install any software?

A. No, Traffic Transformer is cloud-based so you can use it with any device

Q. Do you need any previous experience to use Traffic Transformer?

A. No, anyone can use this app

Q. Are there any monthly costs?

A. No, you get everything for a low onetime price

Q. Does Traffic Transformer come with a guarantee?

A. Yes, there is a 60 day full money back guarantee

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Traffic Transformer Review Score

I have review access to Traffic Transformer and I was able to test it. It was very easy to find viral content using the methods provided in the training. Transforming the content and applying my own affiliate links was very easy as well. This is a very good idea and I can see it working very well for those that choose to purchase it.

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