TrafficCrush Honest Review

Welcome to my honest TrafficCrush review. In this review you will find all of the important information that you need to make the correct decision about whether TrafficCrush is the right product for you. Please read this short review from beginning to end as it covers everything that you need to know.

What is TrafficCrush?

TrafficCrush is a new product from Radu Hahaianu, Mike McKay and Karthick Np which launches on January 22, 2020 at 11am EST. The TrafficCrush product is an application that will get you traffic from some of the largest platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram.

This cloud-based application will create viral videos for you after you enter your chosen keyword. It will automatically add your affiliate link and then will distribute your video to very high traffic platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It is an easy way for you to get free targeted traffic to your offers.

Traffic generation is something that a lot of online marketers struggle with. The bottom line here is that if you don’t get enough traffic to your offer pages then you are not going to make many commissions (if any). With TrafficCrush you have the opportunity to create viral videos and then get a lot of free traffic from large social media platforms.

You do not need any special skills or experience to get the best out of TrafficCrush. It will do the vast majority of the work for you and the process of creating and distributing the viral videos is so simple that a young child could do it. Think about the possibilities here – your videos on high traffic social platforms getting a lot of attention and sending targeted visitors to your offers.

The best way to consider TrafficCrush is that it provides you with an almost done for you traffic generation solution. You have to enter the keywords that you want which is just about all that you have to do. Creating content all of the time for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and YouTube is time consuming. Let TrafficCrush do it automatically for you.

TrafficCrush creators have tested the application in full and achieved some excellent results with it. They were able to generate hordes of traffic from the different platforms and then convert some of this traffic into commissions. The launch version of TrafficCrush includes a commercial license so you can even create the viral videos for your clients and make even more money.

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How to use TrafficCrush

It is really very easy to use TrafficCrush to generate free and targeted traffic. All you need to do is to follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your TrafficCrush dashboard (you can access this from any device)
  2. Enter a keyword for your niche and then TrafficCrush creates your viral video with your affiliate link added
  3. Let the application distribute your video to many platforms
  4. Rinse and repeat

As you can see, anyone can use TrafficCrush to create viral videos and generate traffic from a multitude of different platforms. You don’t need any special skills or previous experience to get the best results from TrafficCrush.

Features of TrafficCrush

There are many great features included with TrafficCrush to help you to generate free traffic for your offers:

  • Automatically create viral videos by entering a single keyword for your niche
  • Cloud-based application that anyone can use
  • Distribution and ranking platform built in – publish your videos on the trending pages of YouTube and the explore pages of Twitter automatically
  • Automatic full video optimization
  • Find targeted leads on Twitter and Instagram with the Social Media Lead Finder feature
  • Use the Social Media Lead Finder to build a targeted email list
  • Inbuilt autoresponder that sends out your messages and scores high open rates
  • Grab high search engine rankings for your pages and videos using the Ultimate Link Blaster feature
  • Includes done for you affiliate offers and products that you can easily activate and automatically add your affiliate link
  • Autopilot System helps you to build large followings on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter
  • Social Media Manager helps you to schedule all of your posts to the major social media platforms
  • Fully optimized for mobile use – people using a mobile device will have a great experience with your videos

These are just some of the features of TrafficCrush. It really is an all-in-one solution for generating targeted traffic from social platforms.

TrafficCrush FAQ

Q. Are there any upgrades with TrafficCrush?

A. Yes, there are 5 upgrades which will help you to drive even more traffic and make more commissions:

Upgrade 1: TrafficCrush Professional – the front-end product has some limitations and you can remove them all with this upgrade. There are lots of other additional features too which you can get for a onetime price of $37

Upgrade 2: TrafficCrush Enterprise – with this upgrade you will get done for you campaigns and additional training on how to succeed with affiliate marketing. You also get a case study you can follow and more for the onetime price of $47

Upgrade 3: TrafficCrush Done For You – here you get your own products to promote using TrafficCrush. You make 100% commissions across the entire funnels. It comes with done for you product reviews which are optimized for SEO. Get this for a onetime price of $39

Upgrade 4: TrafficCrush Reseller – promote TrafficCrush and receive 100% commissions across the whole funnel for a onetime price of $97

Upgrade 5: IMX – here you get weekly training on how to crush it with affiliate marketing. You will also get 4 incredible apps, case studies that work, software apps to sell and more for a onetime price of $197

Q. Are there any monthly fees with TrafficCrush?

A. Usually there are monthly fees with TrafficCrush but you can avoid these if you get it during the launch

Q. Can you use TrafficCrush with any device?

A. Yes, you can access TrafficCrush using a computer, smartphone or tablet device as it is cloud-based

Q. Do you need special skills to use TrafficCrush?

A. No, you do not need any special skills to get the best out of TrafficCrush

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TrafficCrush Review Score

I was provided with review access to TrafficCrush and I was very impressed with the features offered in this application for such a low front-end price. It was so easy to create a viral video from my seed keyword and you can add platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok very easily. I am very confident that TrafficCrush can drive a lot of free targeted traffic.



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