Videnton Review

What is Videnton?

Videnton is a new product from Andrew Darius that is unique in the field of video marketing. Video marketing is a very powerful marketing technique that when used properly can produce significant results. Explainer videos perform really well, especially on company websites, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

To create a high quality, 60 second, animated explainer video is not easy to do. The video requires a lot of thought and creativity to have the best chance of success. This takes time and effort. Many businesses know the power of explainer videos and are willing to pay top dollar for a professional job.

This is where you come in – when you have Videnton you can offer local businesses high quality animated explainer videos for any price that you want. Right now, businesses are paying agencies thousands of dollars for this service. In addition, the demand is very high.

Videnton is not just any animated video creation software – it includes unique customization technology that allows you to easily create high quality explainer videos from existing animated templates with a few clicks.

Many businesses both online and offline are really struggling right now, and in a study by they found that adding an explainer video to a website increased conversions up to 64%. This is a huge opportunity for you, as most businesses do not have a high quality explainer video.

Using the proprietary β€œCTM” technology within Videnton, you can create a stunning 60 second animated explainer video for your clients very quickly, and charge them a lot of money for doing this! Anyone can do this; it doesn’t require any previous experience.

You can create great animated explainer videos for your business too! Videnton enables you to create explainer videos that really stand out.

How to use Videnton

It is really easy to create high quality animated explainer videos with Videnton. Just follow these steps and you can create amazing explainer videos FAST:

  • Download and install the Videnton application on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Chose one of the hundred ready-made templates for your TV commercial grade animated explainer video
  • Choose one of the professionally written video scripts
  • Look for the marked spots in the template and click on these in turn
  • Replace the current content with your text, images or video clips
  • When you have finished just render the video and save it on your computer
  • Send the video to your client and enjoy the money that they paid you to create it!

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How easy is that? All you need to do is to click around a few times and replace content so that it is customized for the business you are creating it for. You can even load a custom script, and then create a voiceover file from this and include it in the video.

You can work from home with Videnton and provide a service that is in huge demand. The money making potential of this product is almost endless!

Videnton Review Score

I was provided with Videnton review access and was able to create some awesome explainer videos in minutes. This really is cutting-edge software that has endless possibilities. I have never made this kind of video before and it was all very easy.

Your clients will love the quality of the explainer videos that you can create with Videnton and will be willing to pay you handsomely to provide them with their own explainer video. You can promote your own business as well by creating animated explainer videos.

You don’t need any experience to get the best results from Videnton.

Features – 9.9

Quality – 9.6

Ease of use – 9.5

Support – 8.6

The Features of Videnton

Videnton has some really great features which include:

  • Unique CTM deep customization technology that enables you to easily change video content with a click of your mouse
  • 100 animated explainer templates that you can use for your videos. These are TV commercial quality
  • 50 professional video scripts that you can use with the animated explainer templates
  • The ability to add your own video script and custom voiceover recording in any of your explainer videos
  • Step-by-step training that will have you up and running with Videnton in no time
  • The Videnton commercial license that enables you to sell your high quality animated explainer videos to your clients

Videnton FAQ

Q. Which upgrades are available with Videnton?

A. There are 6 upgrades for Videnton which will help you to make even more money with the product:

Upgrade 1: The Videnton Club, which provides you with new templates each month for a lifetime cost of $297 or $37 each month

Upgrade 2: 3D animated Videnton Presenters are sets of 3D characters that talk for a one-time price of $37

Upgrade 3: Videnton Agency allows you to upload text files and create text of any size for a one-time price of $47

Upgrade 4: The Vidicious app for creating 3D logo animations to sell to businesses for a one-time price of $67

Upgrade 5: the Speechdio app for recording automated voiceovers with lots of different voices for a one-time price of $37

Upgrade 6: the Sales Copy Maker app that enables you to create sales scripts with high impact for a one-time price of $47

Q. Can you use Videnton on a Mac and a PC?

A. Yes, you can. Just download the software for your computer type and you are ready to go. You don’t need an Internet connection to make superb animated explainer videos.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of videos you can create?

A. There are currently no limits or restrictions on the number of videos you can create with Videnton

Q. Is there a monthly subscription?

A. No, now Videnton is available at a low one-time cost but this could change soon.

Q. Can you make shorter videos than 60 seconds?

A. Yes, it is possible for you to remove sections of the ready-made templates so that you can make your videos as short as you want.

Q. Is there a commercial license?

A. Yes, you can create videos for your own business and sell videos to your clients.

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