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Thanks for checking out my honest Commission Hero review. Here I will explain all of the most important details about the Commission Hero program so that you can determine whether it is the right program for you. Please read all of this review so that you have all of the information that you need to make the right buying decision.

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing training program from Bobby Blanchard. Blanchard is the number one affiliate on the Clickbank affiliate network and regularly makes an income of 6 figures each month. This video training program will teach you what you need to do to generate $1,000 a day and more.

In Commission Hero, the step-by-step training shows you what Blanchard does to make commissions every day. He shares all of the facts and figures with you and you will be in no doubt what you need to do to set up successful campaigns. It all boils down to a successful 3 step system that you can implement regardless of your current skills and experience.

The 3 step system that Blanchard discusses in Commission Hero is a simple concept:

  1. Choose the right offer to promote
  2. Create your effective landing page
  3. Create winning Facebook ads

He explains in detail the best way to approach all three steps so that you have the maximum chance of generating commissions.

You will learn the right way to run ads on Facebook that will bring in the commissions for you from Clickbank. Commission Hero reveals how to write persuasive copy as well as the best way to create efficient landing pages. After you have completed the Commission Hero training, you will be able to master Facebook ads so you can make all of the commissions that you want.

There is a private Facebook group available to you as part of the Commission Hero program. There are around 1,500 members of this group which includes Blanchard and other very successful affiliate marketers who are there to help you with any questions you may have.

The support for Commission Hero is really good. Often with these kinds of programs, the support leaves a lot to be desired but not in this case. Any questions that you have are responded to promptly and professionally. If you need answers to questions about starting your affiliate marketing business with Clickbank then there are plenty of people available to help.

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The Modules in Commission Hero

There are 12 modules in the Commission Hero program:

  1. Getting Started – here you will learn how to get the best out of the Commission Hero training. You will be encouraged to proceed step-by-step through the program and Blanchard provides inspiration and motivation for you to follow through and implement what you learn. Blanchard reveals some of the mistakes he made so you can avoid them.
  2. Choose the Right Offers – in this module you will discover exactly how to find the best Clickbank offers to promote as well as another network that he uses called MaxWeb.
  3. Images for Ads – learn how to use the right images in your ads that achieve high click through rates. There are examples of successful images and advice on creating them.
  4. Effective Landing Pages – how you can easily create effective landing pages using Clickfunnels
  5. Facebook Setup – here you learn the right way to setup your Facebook account, including your Facebook Page and create custom audiences for your ads. This is very comprehensive Facebook training on how to launch successful ad campaigns.
  6. Facebook Pixel – discover why the Facebook pixel is so important and how to use it for the best results.
  7. Tracking – learn how to effectively track all of your campaigns and how to decide to stop or continue with campaigns.
  8. Scale – discover what campaigns you need to scale up and exactly how to do it for optimal results.
  9. Ninja Tactics – learn how you can boost your commissions and how you can spy on profitable Facebook ad campaigns that you can then use yourself.
  10. Bonuses – there are very valuable bonuses here such as successful landing page swipes for the best niches that Blanchard uses. You will also get access to successful ad images for the same niches and more.
  11. Spotlight Offers – here you will learn about two special offers on Clickbank that you can promote without the need for a landing page.
  12. Extra Bonuses – if you want to do email marketing then there are excellent swipe files for you to use here.

Commission Hero FAQ

Q. Does Commission Hero really work?

A. Yes, there are many testimonials from students of the Commission Hero program that have been very successful with this training.

Q. Is there a guarantee with Commission Hero?

A. Yes, there is a full 12 month money back guarantee with the program.

Q. Do you need any special skills or experience to get the best from Commission Hero?

A. No you don’t. Commission Hero will help complete newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing as well as those that have experience with it.

Q. Is there good support with Commission Hero?

A. Yes, the support is excellent. The private Facebook Group is always active and you will get all of your questions answered swiftly and professionally.

Q. Are there any upgrades with Commission Hero?

A. Yes, you can join an Inner Circle membership once you have got started with the Commission Hero method. This is a special support group where you will receive an exclusive done for you campaign each month.

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Commission Hero Review Score

I have been through the training modules in Commission Hero and can honestly tell you that this is the best Clickbank program I have ever seen. Everything is covered in the training and if you follow the advice provided you are highly likely to experience success with Clickbank and Facebook ads.

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