Your VideoTours360 Honest Review

This is my honest VideoTours360 review. I want you to have all of the facts about this product so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

What is VideoTours360?

VideoTours360 is a new product from Ifiok Nkem, which launches on December 17, 2020 at 11am EST. It is the very first virtual tour builder in the world and currently the only one of its kind. It is a great product for businesses that are struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With VideoTours360 you get live video chat built in as well as gamification and ecommerce. You can use this product to sell virtual video tours to clients for large amounts of money. A 360° virtual tour will help businesses to really engage their prospects and increase their conversions.

One of the best things about VideoTours360 is the ability to add “interactive hotspots”. With this, viewers of the virtual tours can access more details or purchase offers that you can include in the tours.

The live chat facility is a great tool for answering any questions that a prospect may have and you can use this to close the sale. With the current lockdowns in place, the demand for 360° video tours has increased significantly so this is your chance to cash in on this trend.

Many businesses are suffering because of the pandemic and a virtual tour can really mean the difference between staying in business or going to the wall. You can be their savior by providing a 360° virtual tour service, which they can use to engage their prospects.

With VideoTours360 it will be easy for your clients to provide a totally engaging 360 video fast. There are no special skills required to do this. Everything is drag and drop with the tour builder and it is a simple task to add as many hotspots to the tour as you want.

You can initiate live video calls with prospects during the tour so that you can answer any of their questions and close them. The gamification element within VideoTours360 will help to increase engagement and entice prospects to take action. You can add freebies, discounts, coupons and more inside the video tour.

If you or your client are in the retail industry there is a built in ecommerce engine with VideoTours360 where you can sell your products directly. It is easy to integrate a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal.

You can also capture email or phone leads with VideoTours360. There are many integration options for autoresponders, social media, webinar platforms and more. It is also possible to add reviews to the virtual tours, which will provide the social proof required to make the sale.

You can share the tours created with VideoTours360. This is a great way to make them go viral and drive additional visitors to the tours. There is a sophisticated AI engine that will learn the behavior patterns of tour visitors and it will identify the most popular part of the tour and show this first to new viewers.

You can embed virtual tours created by VideoTours360 anywhere you want. This is very sophisticated software, which has the potential to make a great deal of money. It contains all of the features that you need.

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The Features of VideoTours360

There are many features included with VideoTours360 such as:

  • Simple to use drag and drop builder for virtual tours
  • Add unlimited interactive hotspots to virtual tours
  • Engage in a live video call with prospects for higher conversions
  • Increase engagement with gamification feature to add coupons, discounts, freebies etc
  • Use the ecommerce engine to sell products directly within the tour
  • Use the lead capture feature to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of prospects
  • Easily integrate with major autoresponder services
  • Easily add a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal
  • Viral engine enables sharing of tours
  • Use the embed code for the tour wherever you want
  • Sophisticated AI engine notes behavior of tour visitors
  • Host the tours yourself or export them to your clients hosting

This is a unique opportunity to use this cutting-edge software for the creation of high quality virtual tours. Imagine the possibilities with this. Many businesses will see this as a lifeline and you can provide it.

VideoTours360 FAQ

Q. Which upgrades are available with VideoTours360?

A. There are 4 upgrades that will help you to make the most money with your virtual tour agency buinsess:

Upgrade 1: Pro version of VideoTours360 – with this you can create an unlimited number of tours, scenes and ecommerce offers. You also get up to 2,000 video chat minutes each month. This is available for $37 a month or $197 a year.

Upgrade 2: Agency Toolkit for VideoTours360 – here you are provided with everything that you need to operate a virtual tour agency to make 6 figures a year. This is for a onetime price of $67.

Upgrade 3: Reseller and White Label VideoTours360 – you have choices here to resell or purchase white label access to keep all of the profits. Onetime prices are either $197, $297 or $497.

Upgrade 4: Resell Local Agency Apps – here you will be able to resell 5 in demand and high quality apps. High converting sales pages are included. Onetime price points are $297 and $497.

Q. Do you need any special skills to use VideoTours360?

A. No, you do not require any special skills. Follow the training provided and you will be up and running very quickly.

Q. Is there any software to install?

A. No, it is all cloud-based so you can use any device from any location.

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VideoTours360 Review Score

I was able to secure review access to VideoTours360 and I played around with this great software for quite a while. It is so easy to create the virtual tours. Adding the interactive hotspots was simple too. This is one of the most advanced applications I have ever seen. I know that this has the potential to make a lot of money.



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