Can You Make Money Online Without A Bank Account?

There are so many people that want to know the answer to the question “can you make money online without a bank account?” The simple answer to this is “yes” you can. It will probably shock you to know that around 9 million people in the United States alone do not have a bank account. Worldwide the numbers are huge.

Many websites that offer people the chance to make money online realize that not everyone has a bank account so they have alternative ways to access the money that you have earned. We will discuss some of these sites here and also some of the payment methods that you can use to receive and access your cash.

Fiverr and Payoneer

If you have a skill that people need such as writing good content, programming, web design and development, graphic design and more then is a great place to showcase your skills and find customers for your services. It is totally free to create a Fiverr account and create gigs for your services on it.

There are people making money on Fiverr performing all sorts of services. We will tell you that Fiverr can be a very competitive marketplace especially for popular services such as graphic design and writing gigs. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed with it.

We recommend that you go over to Fiverr and see what gigs are selling the most. Fiverr has a review system and it also ranks its sellers as Tier 1, Tier 2 and so on. If a seller has a large number of reviews this means that they have sold a lot of gigs. Not everyone will leave a review so you need to factor this in when estimating how many gigs a seller has sold.

When Fiverr first started out you had to sell your services for just $5. You can provide add on services and charge more for this. Nowadays, there is no minimum pricing and you can charge whatever you like.

There are people that are making a great deal of money every month from Fiverr. These people are rare but they achieved the top seller status because they focused on this one thing. People that are trying to make money online these days tend to experiment with a lot of different things and end up making no money at all. Then they claim that it is impossible to make money online.

How do you get paid from Fiverr without a bank account? A smart way to do this is to open a Payoneer account. They will provide you with a MasterCard debit card that you can use at almost all ATM machines across the world. You do not have to live in the United States to open a Payoneer account.

Please be aware that Fiverr charge a 20% fee for advertising your services. Each time that you make a sale, Fiverr will take 20% of the revenue so please factor this in when you are setting your prices. The major advantage that Fiverr has is traffic. Over 50 million people visit Fiverr every month.

Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account – Affiliate Marketing and PayPal

There are a lot of affiliate marketing networks that will send you your commissions using PayPal. PayPal is an e-wallet system that you can use to receive money. It is available in a growing number of countries and in a lot of cases they can offer you a debit card which you can use to withdraw money from ATM machines.

If you are doing affiliate marketing in the make money online niche, 2 of the best affiliate networks to use to find products and services to promote are Warrior Plus and JVZoo. Both of these networks will pay your commissions into your PayPal account. There are many more affiliate networks that will pay you using PayPal.

Survey Websites and PayPal

You can sign up to survey websites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars and take surveys online using your smart phone or other device. When you have completed a number of surveys and met the payout threshold, you can request your money to be sent to your PayPal account.

With a website like Inbox Dollars there are other tasks that you can perform to earn money such as watching videos and playing games. It is true to say that you will benefit the most from survey offers if you live in the United States. There are usually more surveys available for US citizens than any other country.

Taking online surveys is never going to make you rich because you will only earn small amounts of money for your time. But if you want an easy way to make money online then it should not take you too long to complete each survey.

Final Words

We have answered the question “can you make money online without a bank account?” More and more affiliate networks and other companies are using methods like PayPal and Payoneer to pay their affiliates. Don’t let not having a bank account stop you from making money online.

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