Do You Really Make Money Taking Online Surveys?

You may have seen a lot of claims that suggest that it is possible to earn an additional income with surveys. But do you really make money with online surveys? The answer to this question is unfortunately “yes” and “no”.

It is not difficult for anyone to make additional money by taking online surveys. This is especially true if you live in the United States. All you need to do is to register with the survey website, fill in your details to complete your profile, and then complete the surveys that the website sends to you.

Sounds simple right? Yes, it is simple. But the burning question here is how much money you can actually make completing surveys online. One thing is for sure, you are not going to get rich completing online surveys. It is probably pretty unlikely that you can make a full-time income doing it either.

Why do Online Surveys exist?

Some people find it hard to believe that companies will pay them just for giving their opinion. But the truth is that they will. Companies need to know what people think about what they are doing. This could be the products that they offer or the type of ads that they run.

By letting these companies know what you think about their actions and intentions, they will reward you with a payment. If enough people tell a company that they need to modify a product then they will do this. A company may learn that their next ad campaign is likely to fail because it is too aggressive or doesn’t provide enough information. Again, they can make changes.

Companies really value your opinion. In fact, they value it so highly that they deem it critical for their success. You are providing them with valuable information and feedback, so it is only right that they should pay you for your time.

Do you really Make Money taking Online Surveys?

Yes, you can make money taking online surveys but it probably will not be as much as you think. If you are looking for something to pass the time that will earn you a little extra then surveys could be right for you.

Companies are going to pay you anywhere between $1 and $20 for completing a survey. Surveys that pay near the $20 mark are rare. This means that you can expect to make between $1 and $5 with the surveys you are offered. It doesn’t usually take very long to complete these surveys. Only you can judge whether this is worth your time or not.

Sometimes, survey companies will offer alternatives to cash. A company like Swagbucks can offer you vouchers for different stores such as Amazon for example. Some survey companies may provide you with free products in exchange for your time such as diapers, beauty products and household products.

Companies that offer online surveys like Inbox Dollars may enter you into a sweepstake each time that you complete a survey. When this happens, you will have the chance to win cash or prizes. With the larger survey companies, the prizes that you can win are often significant.

Beware of Survey Scams

While there are a lot of legit survey companies out there, unfortunately there are some rogue ones too. These rogue companies operate scams where they will promise you the chance to earn money through surveys. Instead of doing this they will sell the information that you provided in your profile for a profit.

Don’t sign up for a survey company until you have checked out their privacy policy. If there is no privacy policy or the company states that they can do whatever they like with your details then find another.

If a survey company ever asks you to pay then run a mile. It is very unlikely that you will receive anything in return. A legitimate survey company will not ask you to pay. They will be paying you for completing their surveys.

The Best Survey Companies to use

We recommend that you sign up to more than one online survey company if you are serious about making money. The fact that there are hundreds of legit survey companies means that you can sign up for at least 10 of them. This will increase your chances of receiving survey offers on a regular basis.

Here are some legit companies that you can check out:

You can find more of these survey companies with a search on Google. Be sure to check them out thoroughly before signing up.


Do you really make money taking online surveys? You can make money but it is not going to be a large amount. If you are happy with a little additional cash then check out what the legit companies have to offer.

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