Genuine Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

If you are looking for genuine ways to make money online without investment then this is the post for you. There are a lot of ways that you can do this, and here we will bring you what we consider to be the very best ways that you can make some money online without the need to invest any money.

Become a Tester of Websites and Apps

There are companies that will pay you for testing websites and apps. Your input is very valuable here as developers want to know what you think. They want to know if there are any issues that you find when you are conducting tests.

It is essential that new websites and apps make sense for users. The companies behind them do not want their users to be confused in any way. So, you can become a beta tester for the websites and apps and be paid for your testing.

When you are accepted by the companies that pay for testing, they will want you to record your experiences. Of course, if you find any problems then you will need to explain in detail what these are. No company wants to go live with a website or app that has bugs in it. Neither do they want to launch something that does not provide a great user experience.

You do not require any special skills or knowledge to be a beta tester. But you will need to follow the rules laid down by the company that hires you. The good thing about this is that you can do it from home. In fact, you can do the testing from almost anywhere.

There are quite a few websites that are always looking for new testers. User Testing is a popular one and so is Beta Testing. You can also try Try My UI, and Startup Lift. Check out all of these testing sites to see what they require and their rates of pay. You should be able to find a company that suits your requirements.

Genuine Ways to Make Money Online without Investment – Freelancing Services

It will not cost you anything to let potential customers know that you are a freelancer. If you have a skill that people want then you can make a good deal of money from this. Perhaps you are good at writing content for websites? Or maybe you are a programmer with experience of particular programming languages?

Take some time out and brainstorm the skills that you have. Anything that has the potential to help businesses and individuals with digital marketing is good. If you have SEO skills and can rank websites and videos on Google then this is a good example. Do you have skills for creating videos or graphic design skills?

There are several different freelancing platforms where you can showcase your skills. If you like the idea of creating specific gigs for your services then Fiverr is one of the best. It is very competitive so you can try your luck with People Per Hour as well.

Alternatively, you can use a website like Upwork and create a profile there. With this type of freelancing site, customers post projects and you can bid on them. With any of the freelancing websites having a good track record is essential. Get as many glowing reviews for your services as you can.

Sell Items Online

You can use a website like eBay to sell physical and digital items online. Start at home by taking a look at the things that you own. If you no longer need some of these items then you can list them on eBay and sell them.

If you have a talent for making things then a good alternative is to sell arts and crafts on Etsy. This is a growing marketplace where people are making good money selling what they create. Take a look at what is selling on Etsy right now to get some inspiration.

Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of people making money online through affiliate marketing. Here you are promoting the products and services of others in exchange for a commission. You do not have to handle any of the customer service issues. Your job is just to promote the products and services.

You can promote physical products or digital products (or both). It is usually easier to make sales with physical products but the commissions are usually lower. With digital products you can make commissions as high as 100%.

Look at affiliate networks such as Digistore24 and Commission Junction to see what kinds of products and services are available for you to promote. You can get started with Digistore24 immediately and they have thousands of products available in different niches. They will pay your commissions using PayPal and there are other methods available.


You now have 4 genuine ways to make money online without investment. The next step is for you to choose which of these suits you best and then get started. Make sure that you treat this seriously and look to expand as much as you can.

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