How Can A 12 Yr Old Make Money?

How can a 12 yr old make money? Well, one thing they cannot do is to get a job. Labor laws forbid this and this is right. So, in this post we will look at how a child of 12 can make some money. We will also answer the question “how can a 12 year old make money online?”

When you are only 12 years old, there are money making opportunities open to you. If you like the idea of making money online then you are probably going to need the help of your parents or someone in your family that is at least 18. For parents reading this, we recommended that you encourage your child and help and supervise them as much as possible.

How can a 12 yr old make money – Take care of a Dog

People love their dogs and often they will need someone to take their precious pet for walks and possibly sit with them. Dogs need exercise and many suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone. These days there are lots of families where both parents have to go out to work and their children are at school.

We recommend that you spread the word about your dog care service in your immediate neighborhood. Design a flyer and print some of these out to put into the mail boxes of families that own a dog. If you know a family that owns a dog who are in need of your services then talk to them directly.

If you cannot drum up the business that you need through local action then you can create a teen account at They have a section for pet care. You will need one of your parents to support you here. Dog walkers can expect to earn around $20 for a half an hour walk.

How can a 12 year old Make Money Online – Take Online Surveys

There are different websites out there that will pay for the opinions of children. They work with companies that want to know what children think about their products for example. Completing online surveys is not going to earn you a lot of money, but it should only take a few minutes to complete each one.

Two great websites a 12 year old can use for online surveys is and You will be offered the most surveys if you live in the United States. There are usually surveys available for other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Again, you will need the help of a parent here. Online survey websites usually pay with PayPal and you have to be 18 or over to open a PayPal account. You will also need the help of a parent when registering for online survey websites.

Sell Stuff for Cash

Talk to your family and see what things in your home you no longer need. You probably have a few toys that you do not play with anymore for example. There are several ways that you can sell unwanted items such as holding a yard sale or advertising them on Craigslist or eBay.

There are families that go around to yard sales and flea markets to find bargains that they can sell for a higher price. You will probably have to do some online research here to see what kind of products are in demand on eBay.

Many people sell the items they do not want for pennies because they just want to get rid of the clutter in their homes. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase valuable items at a rock-bottom price and then sell them for a profit online.

Create a YouTube Channel

There is actually a 7 year old that is already a millionaire from a YouTube channel. If you like the idea of creating videos and uploading them to YouTube then you could be next. You are not going to make a ton of money overnight with a YouTube channel. But if you are persistent and your channel appeals to a lot of people, then you could be on to a winner.

Think about your interests and hobbies and how you can use these to create your own YouTube channel. Do some research on YouTube to see what channels are popular with children and their parents. Ask your parents and your older siblings for their input too. Get your parents to help with the setting up of your YouTube account.

Create Websites for Money

If you are a whizz with computers and websites you can create new designs for businesses, individuals and organizations in your community. There are a ton of videos that will teach you how to install a free WordPress website.

You will need some website hosting for this which is available starting at $3 a month. Ask your parents to help you here. Everyone needs a website and learning how to create great looking sites is an excellent skill to have.


In this post we have answered the questions “how can a 12 yr old make money?” and “how can a 12 year old make money online?” We recommend that you discuss your desire to make money with your parents so that they can support and encourage you. Get started today with one of the methods above and watch the cash roll in.

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