How Do You Make Money On YouTube By Views?

Are you interested in making and uploading videos to YouTube? Have you ever wondered “how do you make money on YouTube by views?” It is true that some YouTubers make money from views. In this post we will provide you with accurate estimates on what you can expect to make from views on YouTube.

If it is your aim to make money from YouTube views then you are going to need a lot of them. There are a few YouTube channels and videos that get millions of views. This is where the money from ad placement starts to get interesting. You need to create videos that will appeal to a large audience to be successful with a view strategy.

How do you Make Money on YouTube by Views?

YouTubers make money from views by having AdSense ads from Google show on their videos. If you use YouTube a lot, you will probably have experienced this. At the start of the video, during the video and at the end you can see related AdSense ads appear over the top of videos. These videos are monetized.

Not everyone that uploads videos to YouTube can monetize them in this way. There are criteria that you need to meet first concerning the number of views that your videos get as well as the number of subscribers that your channel has.

Once you are accepted for ad monetization, you can expect to make around US 1 cent to US 3 cents for each view that your videos receive. According to expert sources, the average that you can earn with AdSense ads on your videos is US 1.8 cents per view.

YouTube uses a number of different criteria to calculate what your videos will earn per view with AdSense:

  • The view count for your videos
  • The number of times that an ad is clicked
  • The length of your videos
  • The quality of the ads shown (they are looking for ad relevance here)

There are other factors as well that come into play. So, as you can see, making money from YouTube views is not a way to get rich quick.

Money you can Make from every 1,000 Views on YouTube

If you just use straight forward math then you would think that with an average of US 1.8 cents per view on a video that is monetized with AdSense ads, you would make around US $18 for every 1,000 views that you get. But it is not as simple as that. The reality is that you are likely make anything from US $3 to US $5 for 1,000 monetized views.

The key to success here is to create videos that are really engaging and will appeal to a large number of people. There are some YouTubers doing this. They upload great content on a regular basis and the number of views that they get to their videos quickly reaches the millions.

The YouTube Criteria you must achieve for Monetization

At the time of writing this post, YouTube has specific criteria that you must exceed if you want to make money from views using AdSense. They call this their “Partner Program” and this is what you need to achieve to become a partner:

  • In the last year, your videos must have exceeded 4,000 public watch hours
  • Your YouTube channel must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • You must have a Google AdSense account
  • You must read the terms and conditions of the Partner Program and agree to them
  • You must pass a manual review from a YouTube official

When you have been accepted in the YouTube Partner Program you can monetize all or some of your videos. You have the option to turn this on or off for every video. The smallest payout amount is US $100, so if you assume that every 1,000 views is worth US $5, you will need 20,000 views to earn this amount.

Another thing to bear in mind is that Google will share AdSense revenue with you. When you display AdSense ads on your videos, it is possible for you to make as much as 68% of the ad revenue when ads are clicked.

Other ways to Make Money from YouTube Videos

Making money from video views is not the only game in town. Another way that you can drive income from your videos is to promote products and services as an affiliate. For example, you could be a member of the Amazon Associate Program and create review videos of popular products. You can add your affiliate link in the description box.

If you have a very popular YouTube channel then you can find a sponsor who will pay you to advertise their product or service in your videos. Sponsors know that videos are extremely popular these days and that YouTube receives over 40 billion visitors each month.

Final Words

Now you know the answer to the question “how do you make money on YouTube by views?” We have confirmed to you that YouTubers make money from views in some situations, and this can be a really good side hustle for you if you enjoy creating videos.

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