How Do YouTube Video Makers Make Money?

How do YouTube video makers make money? This is a mystery for a lot of people and we will explain three ways that creators of YouTube videos generate income in this post. There are some very high earners on YouTube and if you have a good idea that you can create videos around then you need to read this.

There is more than one way that you can make money with YouTube videos. You can use a combination of these methods to increase your revenue. It is important that you get as many views to your videos as possible. Getting subscribers to your channel is also important.

1. The YouTube Partner Program

A lot of YouTube video creators make money through the Partner Program. In order to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you need to meet these requirements:

  • You need to have more than 1,000 subscribers to your channel
  • You must reside in an eligible location
  • Your videos must have had over 4,000 public watch hours
  • You need a Google AdSense account that you can link to

It is not that difficult to meet these requirements. When you have a number of videos uploaded to YouTube it certainly gets easier to achieve the 4,000 watch hours target. Your videos need to be good quality and appealing to viewers because to make money from the Partner Program and AdSense you need a high number of views.

Once your Partner Program application is approved by YouTube you will be able to monetize your videos with ads. There are other methods for monetization as well including live streams with super chats. Here a viewer to your live stream will pay to highlight their messages as “super chat” messages. You share any revenue with YouTube.

2. How do YouTube Video makers Make Money – Affiliate Marketing

There are people that create YouTube videos who make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. They create videos that are related to the affiliate offer and when viewers click on their affiliate link in the video description and make a purchase, the video creator makes a commission.

Product review videos are a good way to make affiliate commissions. You create a review video which shows the product or service in action and tell the viewers why they should purchase it. Adding a call to action to your product review video will help to increase your conversions. Tell your viewers to click the link in the description to visit the official product website for example.

In the make money online niche, affiliates will put together special bonus packages to entice the viewers of their product review videos to purchase the product through their link. There are a ton of searches on YouTube for product reviews and you need to ensure that you optimize your videos correctly so that they rank high in the search results.

3. Sponsorship

Successful YouTube video creators are often sponsored by external companies. There are some very popular sports fan channels that get millions of views that have a sponsor behind them for example. The same goes for channels devoted to niches such as makeup and cosmetics, weight loss, health and fitness and so on.

Some of the larger companies will pay the video creator thousands for promoting their products on their channel. Brands know that people spend a lot of time on YouTube and that the viewing traffic is very targeted.

If you have a successful channel on makeup and cosmetics then you are highly likely to be approached by sponsors in this industry. It is essential that you partner with the right brand if you are going to do this. You do not want to lose any subscribers by making the wrong decision with this. Thoroughly research and brand that you are thinking about partnering with.

There are influencer marketing websites that will help connect you with relevant sponsors. Companies will pay a premium for YouTube video sponsorship as it is highly sought after. They know that they will get higher conversion levels from videos more than using social media influencers.

When you have made an agreement with your sponsor then you need to be upfront about it with your viewers. Tell them that if they purchase products from the sponsor then it helps you to keep your YouTube channel going. Be aware of the different advertising standards and ensure that you comply with them.

The Bottom Line

You are only going to be successful with YouTube if you create high quality videos that people want to watch. We recommend that you plan all of your videos to ensure that you are providing value to your viewers. No matter what monetization strategy you decide to use, you need as many views to your videos as possible.

So, now you know the answer to the question “how do YouTube video makers make money?” What are you going to do now? If this interests you then we recommend that you decide on the niche for your YouTube videos and start planning and creating your first video.

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