How Much Money Does Logan Paul Make?

To be clear here, we are talking about Logan Paul who is a YouTube celebrity. So how much money does Logan Paul make? Logan Paul started off with the website called Viner that unfortunately closed in 2016. While he was active on Viner, he was also developing his channel on YouTube.

At the time of writing this post, Logan Paul has more than 23 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Usually, his videos get millions of views in a very short time. He is extremely popular and published regular vlogs every week.

The Logan Paul channel regularly features in the top 150 of the most popular channels across the entire world. Paul is a controversial character which helps with his popularity. As soon as he uploads a new video to his channel, his subscribers and fans rush to watch it. He is very much a YouTube success story.

Logan Paul’s Background

Paul grew up in Ohio with his younger brother Jake. His ancestry is fairly mixed and includes English, Scottish, Jewish and Irish roots. As a teenager, Paul showed a real talent for creating videos. He created his “Zoosh” YouTube when he was a young teenager.

He was also interested in wrestling. When he was at college, he really started with his online celebrity status. Paul was gaining a lot of followers on the now defunct “Vine” network and at the same time his YouTube channel was gathering pace.

Paul attended Ohio University where he was studying industrial engineering. He dropped out of this fairly early because he saw a brighter future with social media and in particular, video creation. In 2014 he moved to Los Angeles and shared a home with two other Vine influencers.

No Stranger to Controversy

Logan Paul’s YouTube career has experienced a number of ups and downs. Towards the end of 2017 his popularity waned due the Japan suicide incident. While he was traveling around Japan he visited an area around Mount Fuji that was famous for suicides. He discovered the body of a victim there and made a video about this.

Paul received a lot of criticism for this video. He had also had some other incidents on hos Japan trip. Throwing toys at people in the streets of Tokyo was one incident, he even threw a toy at a police officer. Then there were the fights that he had with the group members he was travelling with.

There were many approaches made to YouTube for the deletion of his channel. Paul had to remove the video and issue an apology. As a punishment for his repeated problem behavior, YouTube suspended his revenue from advertising on a number of occasions.

In another 2019 controversial incident, Paul decided that he would become gay for month. This really upset the LGBT community. His defense was that it was his right to choose a gay lifestyle for a month if he wanted to.

How Much Money does Logan Paul make?

Only Logan Paul and YouTube really know how much he makes. But with the popularity of his videos, you can bet that he is making anything from $5,000 to $25,000 for every video that he uploads to his YouTube channel.

It is not unusual for Paul to upload around 8 videos each month, and with the number of views that these videos get it is likely that his revenue from ads would be in the region of $200,000. Interestingly, most of his recent videos rarely top the 10 million views mark. Older videos regularly surpassed this number of views.

Paul experienced a drop in his YouTube income after the company decided to remove him from the Google Preferred program. This is where the wealthiest companies can choose to place ads for better targeting on the most popular YouTube videos.

A YouTuber that is part of the Google Preferred program will earn a lot more in ad revenue than they would normally. Not only that, but being part of this program means that the YouTuber’s channel becomes more visible to their premium subscribers.

Not all of Logan Paul’s revenue comes from YouTube, but most of it does. Conservative estimates suggest that Paul earns around $15 million a year. He also sells branded merchandise to his millions of subscribers.

He also participates in boxing exhibitions. Paul survived 8 rounds with professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and insider estimates are that he will have made around $20 million for this. When you consider that Logan Paul is still young in his mid-twenties, it is remarkable how much money he has already made.

Final Words

How much money does Logan Paul make? Well, he has a net worth estimated to be $25 million and it is likely that he earns around $15 million each year. Love him or loathe him, you cannot deny that he has done very well for himself.

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