How To Make Money Off Of Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media platform and if you have an account have you ever wondered how to make money off of Instagram? Many people want to know how to do this. So, in this post we will show you ways that you can make money from Instagram.

The first thing that you need to know is that it is certainly possible for you to make money on Instagram. There are many businesses and individuals doing this already and some are making considerable amounts of money. Always remember that Instagram is primarily a visual platform so you need to include great images in all of your posts.

1. Make Money from Sponsored Posts as an Influencer

Please don’t think that Instagram is a platform for getting rich quick because it isn’t. Many people have tried to do this using spam tactics and quickly had their account closed down. It will take you a while to build up a following on Instagram so you need to be prepared for that.

An influencer on Instagram is someone that has a lot of loyal followers. Some influencers have thousands of followers, some tens of thousands and others with a lot more. The main advantage of achieving the status of an influencer is that you can be paid to promote products and services to your followers.

There are always brands that are looking for Instagram influencers who have the kind of followers that they are looking for. They will be willing to pay the influencer for a sponsored post. Top influencers can make thousands of dollars from a single promotional post.

2. Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is where you will promote a product or a service in exchange for a commission each time a sale is made. You need to know that you can only add one external link to your Instagram account which is in your bio. Placing links in individual Instagram posts is not permitted.

The secret to success with affiliate marketing on Instagram is the sharing of information about a product rather than direct selling. You need to create engaging posts with a view to helping your followers solve a particular problem.

You cannot be pushy when you are doing affiliate marketing with Instagram. It requires a gentle approach and is more about recommending a solution to people. Setup a landing page that Instagram users will visit when they click the link in your bio.

3. Provide a Service for Instagram Captions

We have said before that Instagram is a visual platform. You will grab attention to your Instagram posts by adding great captions to them and there are a lot of businesses and individuals who will be happy to pay you to do this for them if you develop expertise in this area.

One of the best ways to promote your caption services is to add images to your account where you have already included an attention-grabbing caption. You want to prove to potential customers that you have what it takes to create great captions for them as well.

The price that you charge to create the captions is up to you. There are people on Instagram making a full time living doing this. We suggest that you charge a minimum of $50 for each caption. You can provide a discount if a business wants you to create multiple captions.

4. How to Make Money off of Instagram – Be an Influencer Virtual Assistant

There are plenty of influencers on Instagram that need help organizing their posts, responding to requests and more. If this appeals to you then you can contact influencers and tell them that you are willing to help them for a specific amount per hour.

The type of work that you will be expected to do as an Instagram influencer virtual assistant is likely to include the following:

  • Organizing and scheduling future posts
  • Responding to comments made on posts
  • The management of DMs
  • Coming up with ideas for future posts
  • Looking at analytics and reporting on these

To be a good virtual assistant to an Instagram influencer you need to know your way around the platform and be aware of the marketing tactics that work well for others.

5. Sell Physical Products

If you have your own ecommerce store then you can sell your own physical products on Instagram. These can be products that you create yourself such as arts and crafts or they can be from another supplier that you have an arrangement with.

Now Instagram will allow you to setup your own shop which is great if this is something that interests you. Take high quality photographs of your products and use these for posts. By tagging your products in your images you can send people to the associated product pages.


We have answered the question “how to make money off of Instagram?” and showed you 5 ways that you can do this. Always remember to use a gentle approach with Instagram because anything too aggressive will lead to your account being closed fast.

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