How To Make Money Online At 17 Years Old

Have you ever asked yourself “how to make money online at 17 years old?” Maybe you are 17 yourself or know someone that is. In this post we will show you legitimate ways that you can make money online when you are just 17. All of these methods are proven and other 17 year old’s are making money from them.

With some of these methods you will require a free PayPal account to receive your earnings. You need to be at least 18 to open an account so ask an older brother or sister or a parent to help you with this.

How to Make Money Online at 17 years old – iPoll

You can use the iPoll website or smartphone app for iOS and Android devices to make money. This is a survey website where you will be paid for your opinion in iPoll currency. When you have sufficient iPoll currency you can convert this into cash or an Amazon voucher or Apple gift card.

All you need to do to earn iPoll currency is to answer questions about the places that you visit regularly online and offline, and the products and services you use. You can be asked to test products with iPoll as well. As long as you are 14 years old or more, you can join iPoll.

iPoll has been around for more than 20 years and has a good reputation for paying its members. If you live in the United States then you will have more opportunities to earn money than you will living elsewhere. You are not going to get rich with iPoll, but you can earn a good side income from it without too much effort.

Sell Services on Fiverr is a very popular services marketplace which works on a “gig” basis. With more than 60 million visitors each month, Fiver is the best website for you to easily post an ad for your services. Payments are through PayPal and there are other methods such as Payoneer.

So, what services could you sell on Fiverr? Well, if you are good at writing you could offer to write articles and other content for websites. Website owners always need new content for their sites, and most of them do not have the time or the inclination to do this themselves.

Another service that is always in demand is graphic design. If you have a talent for this you can create company logos, headers for websites, artwork for social sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and much more.

When Fiverr first started, you could only add gigs that started at $5. This has changed now and you can charge any price that you want for your service. Do your homework here and identify the talents that you have. You can also browse the most popular gigs on Fiverr to see which are selling the best.

Complete Tasks with Swagbucks

As you are over 13 years of age you can create a free account with There is a website for computer users and an app available for Android mobile devices and Apple iOS mobile devices.

There are a number of ways that you can earn with Swagbucks. They are most well known for their online surveys which are easy to complete. But you can perform other tasks such as playing games and watching videos to make money with Swagbucks.

Payments are available in cash via PayPal or in Amazon vouchers which can often be a better deal. As with any online survey website, you are not going to get rich with Swagbucks. But they are reliable and trustworthy so you can definitely make some extra money when you are 17.

Provide your Opinion on Slice the Pie

Do you like listening to music? Are you into fashion? If you like one or both of these things then you can give your opinion on them at and earn an additional income from this. There is a mobile app available for Apple iOS device users and Android device users. You can find these in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

If you do not have an iOS or Android mobile device then you can still access Slice the Pie through its website. The site receives over 130,000 visitors each month and is the biggest paid review site online.

You need to write a review to get paid. Each review must be a minimum of 60 words. If you write a longer and more detailed review, you are likely to be paid more for this. There is a minimum payout threshold of $10. Slice the Pie will also reward you for referring your friends to the site.


Now you know how to make money online at 17 years old. All of the 4 methods above will work for you if you put the effort in. Selling your services on Fiverr can certainly be the most lucrative method and it is available wherever you live in the world. So, take action right now and start earning that additional money that you deserve.

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