How To Make Money Online From Home For Free No Scams

There are many people asking the question “how to make money online from home for free no scams?” and we will answer this for you in this post. Since the Internet really came into being, there have been unscrupulous people looking at it with a view to scamming people and taking their money in exchange for very little.

It is difficult to really define an Internet scam. A sales page that makes wild claims like “instant traffic” and “instant commissions” could be classified as a scam. But the fact that some of these methods work for some people makes this a gray area.

So, here we will provide you with 7 ways that you can make money online free with no scams. All of the methods below are proven and people have made additional income from them. There are no miracles here. You will need to take action in order to make these work for you.

1. Sell Services on started off as a gig style website where all of the sellers had to price their services at $5. Now this has changed dramatically, and Fiverr sellers are charging a lot more. Fiverr is a huge website that receives over 62 million visitors per month. Every year since they launched, the number of visitors to has grown significantly.

If you have a skill such as graphic design, content writing, programming, WordPress troubleshooting, SEO and more you can sell gigs on Fiverr. It is a very competitive site and there are a lot of sellers, but once you start to get traction you should do very well. Fiverr is free to join but they will take a 20% cut of what you earn selling your services.

2. Complete Surveys Online

Completing online surveys is very unlikely to make you rich, but it is possible to make a good side income especially if you live in the US. It is free to sign up with the survey companies, and they will send you surveys which you will receive payment for after completion.

There are not too many stories of scams with survey companies online but we still recommend that you are cautious here. You have the choice of several reputable companies that have proven track records when it comes to paying out their members. Always perform due diligence before signing up with any survey company.

3. Test Websites

If you are web savvy and know your way around a browser then there are websites like that will pay you for checking out different sites for them. They always have a lot of different websites that need testing and you can sign up for free and become a tester.

There is a process that you need to follow and each website will take around 20 minutes for you to review. For every test you will receive $10 into your PayPal account. You will need to undertake a test review but once you are accepted it is a good way to make some extra money online.

4. Search and Earn

You probably already use sites like, and to search for the answers that you need so why not get paid to do this? The website will pay you to search on eBay and Amazon as well as the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account and then install the Qmee app. The app works with major browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox and there are apps for Apple iOS devices and Android devices too. Payments are made using PayPal.

5. Write a Book and Publish it on Amazon Kindle

This will take a bit of time, research and effort but once you have written a book on a subject that is in demand you can create a free Amazon Publisher account and publish your book on the Kindle platform.

Non-fiction books are always in demand on a variety of subjects. By listing the price of your book between $1.49 and $6.99, Amazon will pay you 70% of the sales revenue. There are plenty of people that make thousands of dollars each month passively through selling books on Amazon Kindle.

6. Post Product Reviews on

This is all about affiliate marketing. You can join an affiliate marketing network like for free and then promote virtually all of the products that they have without the permission of the vendor.

To get traffic to your affiliate links you can write product reviews and then publish them for free on Google loves Medium and you will often see posts that target product review type keywords ranking on the first page of the search results. Every time someone reads your review and orders the product you make a commission.

7. Get Paid to Watch Videos

There are a number of companies that will pay you to watch videos. The companies that create these videos want them to go viral on platforms like YouTube and will happily pay for additional views from people across the world.

Two of the most reputable companies in this space are and Some of the videos that you will watch are short ads and others will be longer in length. You will need to abide by their rules which is not difficult, but you will receive money in your PayPal account for doing this.

We hope that we were able to answer the question “how to make money online from home for free no scams?” for you. Not everything is a scam online, but we do recommend that you sign up with the most reputable companies.

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