How To Make Money Online Through Coding

If you have programming skills, have you ever thought about how to make money online through coding? The good thing is that coding skills are always in demand and you can make a lot of money from your talents if you do the right things.

In this post we will show you some of the best ways to make money online through your coding skills. You can do this on a part-time or a full-time basis. Work the hours that you want and earn the money that your talents deserve.

How to Make Money Online through Coding – become a Freelancer

There are a number of freelancing websites available where you can promote your skills as a programmer. Freelancing is not easy and you need to have the right mindset for this and use your marketing skills. But there are many coders that make very good money through the use of freelancing websites.

There are two types of freelancing websites:

  1. Gig-based sites
  2. Project-based sites

A gig-based freelancing site is where you create gigs to sell your coding skills for a specific price. You specify what you will do for what price. The most popular gig-based site is and there are plenty of others too.

You need to think about what services you can offer here. Take a look at the gigs on offer on Fiverr and look for the most popular ones. What coding services are they offering? Are the prices they are charging right for you?

Any gig that you create on Fiverr or any other website needs to be appealing to potential customers. You need to describe your experience and tell potential customers about your experience and the type of projects that you have worked on. Go for a lower price to start with until you build up a good customer base and have a number of positive reviews.

With a project-based freelancing site, customers post projects that they need completed. The projects contain details of what needs to be done and by when. If you are interested in a project then you need to post a proposal to the buyer stating what you will do and for what price.

Perhaps the most famous project-based freelance site is There are others like and for example. All of these websites are very competitive and there are a lot of coders making proposals for each project.

You need to create an enticing profile on these sites and explain why you are the best person for the job. Again, we recommend that you start out with lower prices to build your customer base and get some good reviews.

Create Online Courses teaching others how to Code

There is high demand for online training for programming skills. Websites like and offer training courses online for those that want to learn how to code. You can create training videos around your programming skills and then sell them on these websites.

The training videos that you create need to be high-quality. You will need screen recording software that you can find for free and a good quality microphone. Don’t try to use the built-in microphone in your laptop as this will not be good enough.

You will need to make a time investment here to create training videos that people will be willing to pay for. This is time well spent if you can sell lots of courses on a platform like Udemy and get your name out there.

Develop saleable Apps

If you know what the market wants then you can develop applications and even APIs that you can sell. There are several websites where you can sell useful apps such as This can be a passive income stream for you if you develop the right apps.

Of course, you will need to put some time into the develop of your software. After that you will need to market it in the best way to find customers. This is a longer-term strategy than freelancing and selling online tutorials so you need to consider if it is right for you or not.

Enter Contests and Challenges for Coding

Did you know that there are websites out there that provide contests and challenges for programmers? These are good because they are noticed by a lot of people who could be your future employers or customers. is a site that offers challenges as well as a leaderboard and possible job opportunities. A lot of top companies like Adobe and Dell monitor this website to look for new coding talent. If you want the attention of Google and IBM then go to There are others that you can find with a Google search.

Take Action Today

Now that you know how to make money online through coding it is time for you to take action right now. Consider the options that we have provided here and choose the one(s) that suit you best. Remember that you have to be in the game to win it.

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