How To Make Money With A Website Without Selling Anything

If you want to know how to make money with a website without selling anything then this post is for you. It is possible to do this and there are a number of website owners that are making very good money without any selling involved.

We will look at some of the best ways to make money from your website without having to sell anything. Please understand that it can take time for these strategies to work. You need a steady stream of visitor traffic to make the most money from the methods below.

How to Make Money with a Website without selling anything – Google AdSense

You can sign up for the Google AdSense program and place ads on your website. The Google Ads program is very popular and there is likely to be ads available for your niche. These are the same PPC (pay per click) ads that appear on the first page of the search results.

Google will need to approve your website for Google AdSense. You have to have a well-structured site that has the required legal pages. The rules change a lot with Google AdSense so please read their terms and conditions.

Once you are approved, Google will provide you with some code that you need to add to every page of your website. This will automatically fetch relevant Google Ads for your site. When a visitor clicks on an ad, you get to share the revenue with Google.

Google AdSense is unlikely to make you rich. Usually, the payments per click are just a few cents. But it is a good way to monetize your website especially if you have a lot of visitor traffic. There are other ad networks that have a similar system to Google AdSense. Examples of these are Adthrive and Ezoic.

Promote Affiliate Offers

You can promote affiliate offers that are related to your niche on your website. There are many affiliate offers available for products and services. Each time that one of your visitors makes a purchase from your affiliate links, you will earn a commission.

Where do you find affiliate offers for your website? Well, there are many affiliate networks available where you can find related products to promote. There are physical products, such as those available through Amazon, and digital products which you can find on an affiliate network like Clickbank.

The first thing you will need to do is to create a free affiliate account. You will need to provide details of who you are and how you want to be paid. There are usually several payment methods available such as:

Some of the affiliate networks will need to approve you. Others, such as Clickbank, will automatically approve you. Once you are approved, the network will provide you with unique affiliate links for the products and services you want to promote.

You need to know that the commissions you can earn vary a great deal. They tend to be low for physical products and higher for digital products. It is easier to make sales with physical products as your visitors will know what they are buying.

Sponsored Advertising

If you have a lot of visitors to your website and you are in a niche that appeals to advertisers, you can sell sponsored ads. The sponsor will pay you a monthly fee to place their banner ad on your site. Brands are always looking for ways to extend their reach and your website may fit the bill for them.

There are websites that can connect website owners to advertisers. In order to attract potential advertisers, you will need to know what your important numbers are. We recommend that you install Google Analytics on your site so that you can easily find your metrics. Your web hosting company can also provide the numbers for you.

Advertisers are going to be interested in the number of unique visitors that you have. If you have any other useful metrics, such as the demographics of your visitors, then provide these as well. It is likely that an advertiser will place an ad for a few weeks to see if it is worth their while.

Email Marketing

Building an email list is a very smart thing to do. It enables you to connect with some of your visitors after they have left your website. You will need to provide a valuable incentive to persuade them to give you your email address and join your list.

When you build an email list you are creating an asset. You can use an email autoresponder service like Aweber or Get Response and send emails automatically. There are people making a great deal of money through email marketing and there is no reason why you cannot do this as well.


Now you know how to make money with a website without selling anything it is time for action. Which one of the four methods above appeals to you the most? You can use a combination of these methods.

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