How To Make Money With Your Body Online

If you want to know how to make money with your body online then you have come to the right place. Don’t worry, we are not going to suggest anything illegal to you here! Some of the methods for selling yourself online are for females only, some for males only and some are for both sexes.

You may not think that it is possible to make a lot of money online by selling yourself (in a legal way of course) but you would be wrong. We are going to present you with some of the safest and totally legal ways that you can make money with your wonderful body.

You can Sell your Hair

There is a lot of money being made in the business of hair. Hair stylists and the makers of wigs are always on the lookout for the right locks and if you fit the bill the rewards can be great. You need to have long hair to qualify for this (most of the people that sell their hair are female but if you are a long-haired male, you can try this too).

In order to make money from selling your hair you need to be able to supply at least 10 inches of it. Ideally, the hair stylists and wig makers are looking to purchase fine quality hair that is between 15 inches and 35 inches (or more) in length.

The value of your hair is driven by its color and how healthy it is. If you have never dyed your hair (this is called “virgin hair”) then you are likely to get more for it than if you have colored it. There is top dollar awaiting you if your hair is in great condition and undamaged.

Red hair commands the highest price usually because it is the rarest color. Natural blonde and brown hair can also attract a pretty penny. If you have the right hair then contact the Victorian Hairwork Society via Facebook. You can also try and

Be an Egg Donor

This is one for the girls only. You can make a lot of money by donating your eggs ladies, but don’t think for a minute that this is an easy ride. It is possible to make as much as $8,000 for egg donation. The reason that you can earn this kind of money is because there can be a lot of stress involved and it is a time-consuming process.

If you are interested in doing this then it is best if you see the bigger picture here. By donating your eggs, you can help other women that want to have children. A lot of couples cannot have children and it is a wonderful thing if you can help them.

You need to be under the age of 30 to be considered an ideal egg donor. There will be a medical screening process involved and if you pass this then you will be given drugs for fertility. This will help with the ovulation process. Regular checks are necessary and if all goes well you will have surgery to donate your eggs.

This is not a risk-free way of making money using your body. You may experience some discomfort when taking the fertility drugs. It is possible that you could develop hyper-stimulation of your ovaries and there is always a risk with any type of surgery.

Tattoo Promotions

This one is open to both men and women. If you are fine with the concept of getting a tattoo then why not get one that will make you money? There are many stories about how people have done this and earned a lot of money in the process.

One guy went on to eBay and started an auction for the placement of a tattoo on his forehead. Eventually he received $37,000 for having a temporary tattoo on his forehead for a month. Is there such a thing as a temporary tattoo? We will let you decide that!

Of course, if you are willing to go for a permanent tattoo then you can make even more money. There was a guy that was allegedly given $200,000 for having 15 permanent tattoos of companies on his body. Is this something that you are willing to do?

Sell your Body Parts

This is not like it sounds! There are companies that are willing to pay handsomely if you have the right kind of hands, hair, arms, stomach, feet, back and legs that they want for their commercials. In some cases, you can get paid a lot for having photographs taken of your great body parts which are then used in print ads.

It is possible to earn up to $5,000 a day as a body parts model. Some people do this full time and are earning in the region of $75,000 a year. You will need to undergo a professional evaluation to see if your body parts are up to scratch. Check out the services of as they can help you to find gigs.

Final Words

Now you know how to make money with your body online. All of these methods work if you are a good fit for them. You can earn top dollar if you have the right attributes and plenty of people are doing this right now.

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