Please Tell Me How To Make Money Online

A lot of the emails that we receive ask the question “please tell me how to make money online?” So, we decided to create a post with some proven methods for making money online that you can get started with right away.

Take Photographs and Sell Them

If you have photographic skills then you can take photographs and sell them. High-quality images are always in demand and people will pay a reasonable price if your photographs are good. There are stock photo websites where website owners can purchase images to use with their content royalty free.

You can take photos of a number of different things and then upload them to these sites. All kinds of different people use these stock photography sites such as website owners, designers and the editors of magazines.

Once you have your photographs uploaded to stock photography sites you can sell them over and over again. Here are three high-quality stock photo websites that you can make all of your submissions to:

Please tell me how I can Make Money Online – Copywriting

If you have copywriting skills then you can earn a great deal of money online no matter where you are located. It takes a while to learn the art of copywriting but there are plenty of good tutorials available online that will teach you. To really hit the big time with copywriting we recommend that you invest in a top-quality course.

There are tons of opportunities for copywriters these days. All businesses want to sell more of their products and services and persuasive copy is the best way to achieve this. You can write conventional sales letters, scripts for video sales letters, email marketing sequences and much more.

You will find valuable copywriting projects posted on freelance websites such as and If you want to find your own clients then you can create your copywriting gig on or Once word gets around about your copywriting skills there will be no stopping you.

Teach People how to Speak English

If you speak English as your first language then you have a skill which is in high demand. The business world revolves around the English language and there will be plenty of people wanting you to teach them.

There are people from many different countries that want to learn to speak English. It is not necessary for you to know their language (it would certainly help if you do though) so there is nothing stopping you doing this.

If you would like to teach English online to Chinese students then one of the best websites for this is TeachAway. You will find students from Taiwan keen to learn English at iTutorGroup and if you prefer to teach Korean students then check out English Hunt.

Provide Freelance Content Writing Services

There are no shortage of website owners that require new unique content for their sites on a regular basis. If you have the skills to write engaging content that is SEO optimized then there are a lot of opportunities for you.

Finding a good writer is not easy to do. Anyone that is good will always be busy and customers usually have to wait a while for their content. If you have the talent for this then you should find no problem attracting customers that will pay your prices.

It is a competitive market but not that difficult to establish a foothold. Write good content and provide it on time and your customers will love you and keep coming back for more. You can get started today by posting a gig for free on Fiverr. Get those 5 star reviews rolling in and you will never be short of writing work.

Create an Online Course

Do you have a skill that a lot of people would like to learn? Maybe you are an expert in digital marketing, programming in a specific language, a successful trader in stocks or cryptocurrencies, or perhaps you are an ace copywriter who can teach people how to sell their products and services?

There are a lot of people these days that like to use online platforms to learn new things. One of the most successful websites to demonstrate this concept is They have training courses on just about every subject you can imagine – and all for a reasonable price.

One of the major advantages of creating and selling training courses online is that you only have to create a course one time and then you can sell it over and over. You will need a decent HD camera and USB microphone and screen recording software to record what you are doing on the computer.

Final Words

In this post we have provided four proven answers to the question “please tell me how to make money online?” All of these methods have worked well for other people and there is no reason why they won’t for you. Get started right now and make the money online that you deserve.

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