Tai Lopez How I Make Money Online Review

This is a Tai Lopez how I make money online review. It is not a review of any of his products as such, just an overview of how Tai Lopez is able to make money online. A lot of people are interested to know how Tai Lopez amassed his wealth and we will provide answers to this in this post.

Tai Lopez Today

For those of you who are not completely familiar with Tai Lopez, we want to provide you with a statement of where he is today. We do not have all of the information on Lopez, so the best we can offer you is an overview based on what is in the public domain.

Lopez advises more than 20 businesses that are worth millions of dollars. He is also an investor. Tai Lopez made his mark in the online world back in 2015. Back then he was one of the top self-help “gurus” and used social media a lot to spread the word about his abilities.

He now has an education business online. Here he sells training products which show students how they can be happier, healthier and wealthier. There are also training products available which teach students how they can love better.

Tai Lopez has a book club which is very popular. He has a podcast which is called “The Tai Lopez Show” and this is listened to by around 1.4 million across the globe. There is a free newsletter associated with the book club entitled “book of the day”.

Mentor Box is the world’s largest club for book shipping and this is owned by Lopez. Entrepreneur Magazine voted Lopez to be the best social media influencer. From his podcast, Lopez claims that there are approximately 800,000 downloads each month.

Tai Lopez How I Make Money Online Review – Net Worth

It is likely that you are going to be interested in the net worth of Tai Lopez. In a public statement, Lopez claimed that his net worth was in excess of $50 million. An accountant in 2019 confirmed the net worth of Tai Lopez to be around $60 million. The accountant claimed that this was an estimate that was conservative.

Lopez has also gone on public record to say that if he earns just $3 million for a month that he would consider that a bad month. This implies that he is used to earning more than $3 million every month. Some sources suggest that his monthly earnings could be as high as $5 million.

Can you Trust Tai Lopez?

You may have seen websites that claim Tai Lopez is a scam. To be honest, you are going to see this about other successful entrepreneurs as well. Lopez has some pretty impressive numbers which suggest that he is legit. His social media following looks something like this:

Although Lopez has been active online for several years now, he shot a video in his garage in 2015 which discussed why books were better than Lamborghinis. This went viral on YouTube and resulted in his rise to fame.

Lopez is also known for interviewing some of the most successful people in digital marketing. His interviews are famous, and some of the online marketing superstars that he has interviewed include:

  • Jordan Belfort
  • Grant Cardone
  • Mark Cuban
  • Gary Vaynerchuk

He also gave a talk at TED. This was about why people should read a book every day and it received more than a million views. Lopez has also appeared on TV and has been a guest on a number of radio shows. Speaking at top university venues like the University of Southern California and the London Business School also enhances his credibility.

How Tai Lopez got started Making Money

At one stage, Tai Lopez dropped out from college and was totally broke. He used to sleep on the couch at his mother’s home. Looking through the Yellow Pages one day and discovered a very large ad for insurance. He figured that the company behind this must be rich so he got in touch with them.

Lopez found out who the founder of the insurance company was and met them in person offering to work for nothing. He achieved record breaking sales numbers through leveraging Google AdWords. It was a lot cheaper to run PPC campaigns back then.

After this, Lopez invested in a nightclub which unfortunately burned down. He then invested in a number of dating sites online. In addition to this he launched a number of training courses and now he is CEO of his own education company online.

Tai Lopez leveraged the power of social media and drove hordes of traffic back to his website and the various courses that he was selling. He used mentors to develop his success and created a series about this called “The 67 Steps” which reveals the mentor shortcuts.

Final Words

We hope that you found this Tai Lopez how I make money online review interesting and informative. Whatever you may think about Lopez, you have to admire what he has achieved in a short space of time. This is a good lesson for you if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

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