Which Of The Following Statements About Internet Marketing Channels Is Most Accurate?

Today we have a mini quiz for you. Which of the following statements about Internet marketing channels is most accurate? Please take a look at the statements below and make an assessment as to which are the most accurate and which are just misconceptions or just untrue.

The reason that we are asking these questions is to set the record straight on a number of misconceptions that are doing the rounds about Internet marketing. We want you to succeed with making money online so you need to choose the best channels to get your message across. Look at all of these statements and test your knowledge.

Which of the Following Statements about Internet Marketing Channels is most accurate?

Some of the statements below about Internet marketing channels are accurate and some are not. Make your assessment and we will reveal the answers below:

  1. The money is in the list (email marketing)
  2. SEO is dead
  3. You need a social profile on all of the platforms
  4. You cannot generate leads and sales from free traffic
  5. More people are making purchases online than ever before

OK let’s see how ell you did. We have provided the answers below and the reasons for these answers. If you got any of them wrong then don’t worry. Even the so called “experts” get some of these wrong.

The Money is in the List

This is accurate. Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about email marketing being dead. Spending time, effort and money on email list building is not the investment that it used to be. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While it is true that email marketing is more difficult than it used to be, it is certainly not dead. It is still the best method of direct communication with your audience. This is not going to change any time soon.

People are Internet savvy and they are not going to easily give up their email addresses. They know that they will receive promotional messages. The secret to success with email marketing is to develop a strong relationship with your audience by providing them with true value.

SEO is Dead

This is not accurate. A few years ago, it was very easy to game Google and throw a lot of low-quality backlinks at a web page to make it rank high in the search results. Google is constantly changing its algorithm so that it can provide its users with the best results. This doesn’t mean that SEO is dead.

In some ways, SEO is easier now than it was before. It is possible to rank for low competition keywords without any backlinks at all. You need to give Google what they want and seek out high-quality backlinks to win the SEO game.

To give up on SEO is foolish. Traffic from search engines is the very best available. Your audience is asking a specific question. If you are on the first page of the search results with the right answers then you have a major advantage over your competitors.

You Need a Social Profile on ALL Platforms

No, you don’t. You need to have a profile on the social platforms where your audience hangs out and that is all. Knowing your audience is crucial to your success with Internet marketing. If you know that your audience prefers Instagram to Twitter then you need to be on Instagram.

There are several social platforms and to succeed with social media marketing you need to post valuable content regularly. If you have a profile on many platforms then this becomes a real headache. Even if you can regularly post to them all, some are going to perform a lot better than others.

You cannot Generate Leads and Sales from Free Traffic

This one doesn’t even begin to make sense. But some people think that paid traffic is the only way that you can generate leads and sales for your business. You need to be careful when defining free traffic here. Organic traffic from search engines is free. Did you spend a lot of money on SEO campaigns?

For clarity we will say that you do not have to pay per click with free traffic. There are many ways that you can drive free traffic to your website. We recommend that you have a combination of free traffic and paid traffic. Always track your results so that you know what is working.

More People are making Purchase Online than ever before

This is definitely an accurate statement. There is plenty of evidence to support this. A classic example of this is the growth of Amazon. It is now the world’s largest online retailer and is likely to stay in this position for some time.

There is a reason why some people may think that this is an inaccurate statement. A few years ago, people were reluctant to provide their financial information online. Security has improved significantly and now there are many ways to protect your financial details.


How well did you do in identifying which of the following statements about Internet marketing channels is most accurate? It doesn’t really matter that much. The point of this post was to set the record straight about some Internet marketing myths. We hope that we achieved that for you.

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