Your Guide To What Career Make The Most Money

If you are eager to find out what career make the most money then this post is for you. In a survey from Pew Research, around 19% US citizens make the right amount of money to be in the upper income tier and even be considered rich.

Of course, income is going to vary by age and location, and if you want to be thought of as rich then you need to earn at least double the national average income level every year. For the last quarter of 2020, this was at $51,168 so to enter the rich category you need to be earning at least $102,336 every year.

The intention of this post is to help anyone that wants to plan ahead and choose a career that will earn them the most money. You need to accept that you may have to embark on a totally new career path to achieve this and that you may also have to obtain qualifications for most of the careers we will discuss here.

1. What Career make the Most Money – Business Executive

An executive of a company can hold a number of different positions such as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is in charge of the whole company, a Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is responsible for all operations and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who has responsibility for all of the financial aspects of a business.

There are other positions too such as a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) that is in charge of all things technical and a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who has the responsibility of managing the information, both internal and external for the company.

Often, business executives in these kinds of jobs will earn a bonus on top of their salary. An experienced business executive will usually earn well over $100,000 per year and if they land the right position, they could earn millions each year.

In order for you to land a career like this you will probably need a bachelor’s degree in business and finance or even a master’s degree. You will certainly need experience which you can acquire on the job. Highly paid business executives have to deal with a lot of stress as they have a lot of responsibility.

2. In Demand Software Developer

This is a lot less stressful than a business executive career and some of the top software developers can earn millions each year. You will need to have good coding skills in the right language and have the right contacts to achieve this.

You do not necessarily need to hold a degree to become a well-paid software developer but it might help as some companies that pay top dollar could insist on it. There are companies that will pay a software developer with the right skills more than $100,000 per year for their services.

Being a software developer may seem like an easier option than some of the other careers but don’t be fooled by this. The most in demand software developers tend to work very long hours and are always under pressure to complete projects on time.

3. A top Physician

It will probably not surprise you to see that a physician is on this list of careers that make the most money. The average salary per year for an experienced physician is usually over $200,000 and the top earners in the profession can earn millions of dollars every year.

The path to become a top physician is a long and difficult one and you will need to study for a number of years and obtain a medical degree. You will need licenses in most cases as well. You will start off life as a junior doctor and usually have to work very long hours caring for patients and more.

You need to be aware that being a top physician carries with it a huge responsibility. A physician often has to make life and death decisions (sometimes daily) and this is obviously very stressful. The highest paid physicians also have to work long hours as well.

4. Lawyers

Becoming a top lawyer is not to everyone’s liking but if you can get there then you can earn a great deal of money. The average salary for an experienced lawyer will be in the region of $120,000 every year and if you can join the right firm, you have the potential to make millions a year.

Being a top lawyer is far from easy. You will need to study for a number of years and obtain a law degree. The legal profession is very competitive and it can be tough to maintain your position at the top. It may only take one failure with a case to put the brakes on your career.

Final Words

So now you have 4 examples of what career make the most money. If you want to be rich through your career then these are good examples of where you need to be. Choose the one that appeals to you the most and get started on your journey to a more lucrative career today.

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